Thursday, 1 November 2012

Blog 116!!! Ni Hao - A Welsh dude in China!

Hey Everyone,

Happy Thursday, (and for the past three weeks too). I am in fact writing this blog on the plane back from Shanghai as it is a loooooong flight and there is a lot to write since I last blogged which was my final week of Ghost.

Ghost feels like it ended at least 4 months ago, it's not even been 4 weeks.

I don't even know where to start with this blog about my time working on Ultimate Broadway..... I suppose I should start at the beginning....

I woke early (very early) on the Monday morning, October 8th to get in a car to Heathrow Airport. I wasn't feeling too great, I had to cancel a concert in Cardiff the night before on doctors orders. I had fought like a demon to manage to get through the last week of Ghost and so he insisted I just had vocal rest.

So it wasn't ideal to be heading to do a job for three weeks where I'd be belting my man tits off the whole time, but I was on my way and was thinking positively that it'd all be fine.

The set up of the show was as follows: a huge orchestra, twenty Chinese ensemble singer dancers from Shanghai, 10 professional ensemble singer dancers mostly from London and four principals headlining,  which included myself, Ria Jones (another Welshy, woop woop!) Josh Young from America who was recently nominated for a Tony Award for his portrayal of Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway and the fourth was Kerry Ellis who I'm sure most of you know from Wicked etc.

I met up with  Kerry at the airport and we flew over together, not really knowing what to expect, apart from the fact that we each had 9 songs to learn, which was a whole lot of lyrics.

We arrived Shanghai after 20 hours of travelling and it was 11am local time so our first challenge was to try our best to not sleep until that night, which is the best way to avoid jet lag! My goodness it was difficult.

We were driven to our hotel to settle in and then headed to the theatre for some costume fittings and to have a look around, basically trying to keep us busy to avoid sleeping!

The Culture Square Theatre in Shanghai is the most ridiculously impressive theatre I think I have and will ever see.
It's huge! Everywhere is just huge. The auditorium, the rehearsal spaces even the corridors are unnecessarily big. You could fit a whole herd of Elephants down some of the corridors, what's the point?!

The auditorium was designed perfectly so that no where was a bad view of the stage, it held about 1700 and the decor was incredible. Marble floors throughout - yes, in the auditorium, under the seats it was real marble, again I ask, whats's the point? (Really impressive though).
The foyer was amazing. A huge stained glass window dominated the main wall as you walk in, and by huge I mean like 50ft squared, it was beautiful and at night it was lit perfectly.

The most impressive part of the theatre though was the stage. It was enormous, and the whole thing could move backwards to let another stage raise up to replace it, exactly the same size but this one had three hydraulic circular platforms that would each revolve in different ways. Also, BOTH of those stages were removed to reveal a THIRD enormous performance space - a fountain which covered the size of the entire width and depth of the stage and shot up numerous jets of water with camp multi coloured lighting and while all that was happening in our show at the top of act two, we had a small Chinese fella doing arial acrobatics on a couple of ropes, (while I sang a song from Spiderman The Musical!)
There was also a FOURTH performance space which could be hydraulically installed (which wasn't used in our show) which is a giant ice rink!
So the theatre is camp to say the least!

The song list basically consisted of the biggest show-stoppers from the most popular musicals through the ages. Everything between Memory from Cats to Defying Gravity from Wicked. It was all about the amazing sets, incredible choreography, dazzling costumes, a phenomenal orchestra and ensemble, fronted by us four belting as many money notes as we could possibly squeeze out from within!

I am now continuing this blog from my flat on Wednesday evening as the plane landed, which was pretty bloody typical, travelling for 26 hours and then I decide to write my blog and the bloody thing goes and arrives Heathrow!

So that first day, whilst trying to stay awake, Kerry and I were introduced to the performing company, most of whom had already been there rehearsing for a week.
The amount they'd learned was insane! They were a really talented group.
I also had massive respect for the local Shanghai ensemble who learned about 10 numbers, most involved singing, and they didn't even speak English. There were literally translators there to pass on everything the creative team would ask them to do, so to learn all those English lyrics was seriously impressive! I mean, it's not as if English and Chinese are the most similar of languages!

Learning all the songs and staging had to be done within two and a half days for us principals as we were then starting to rehearse on stage with all the technical elements.
It all came together ridiculously quickly but it was hard work!

Opening night was great and then we had a four show weekend before a well deserved day off.

The days off that we had during our three weeks there were personally spent just making the most of having the opportunity to see the city. I visited most of the things that are suggested online - I experienced both the built up, impressive financial district with its huge buildings and expensive atmosphere and then enjoyed visiting little markets and tiny little side streets with stalls and little shops run by the nicest, kindest most welcoming people- which was very different to a lot of what you'll see in Shanghai.
The roads are dangerous, drivers are fearless and stupid, people will happily spit on you if you happen to walk where they have decided to hawk up a greenie and spit out in the loudest most disgusting way - and that happens indoors and out!
Parents carry children around in crotchless pants so they can go to the toilet anytime, anywhere they wish.
You'll think nothing of a Scooter racing by on the road with a family of 5 hanging on, or a mass of cages containing bunnies and budgies on the back of a tricycle, or the largest amount of chopped wood you could ever imagine one old man to handle on one little push bike.

The extremes between the wealthy residents and others who are less fortunate are hard to believe and the cultural and social differences within one city is so hard to comprehend. But everyone just gets along with their own lives no matter how big or important they may be in other people's eyes.

Everyone seems to always be busy and hard working.
The pollution there is pretty shocking. I actually felt like I was inhaling  pure oxygen when I arrived back in London, which is really saying something eh?! The atmosphere was dry often muggy and hot but the whole pace had a natural smokey haze to it and breathing felt a little uncomfortable at times!

We went to some incredible gardens and walking by the Bund river was amazing. One side feels like London and the opposite side of the water feels like you're staring at down town Manhattan, New York with all the new and modern high rise buildings!

It's an incredible city to visit and I know that personally I would never have really chosen to go there on a holiday and so I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to work over there and experience such an interesting place!

It's been crazy busy since I've been back getting a few bits and pieces sorted and catching up with friends before I head to New York tomorrow for three weeks which should be good fun!

If I don't manage to blog whilst in NYC I'll certainly pick up again when I'm back!

Keep loving your lives folks!



Thursday, 4 October 2012

Blog 115! Farewell Sam Wheat!

Hey Everyone,

Happy Thursday,

Well the time is here, dum dum last blog whilst being a part of Ghost The Musical.

I'm not too sure how I feel about it. I think I'm a little numb to the whole situation. It's a harder show to say goodbye to than anything else I've ever done because of the subject matter - the script symbolises finding strength in saying goodbye, but i reckon saying goodbye to it on Saturday will be emotional. It's also going to be a huge relief for me as a person ('person' meaning someone normal and not just an actor) because I will be able to resemble some sort of normality in my life for a while.

Here's the thing...

I have immersed myself into the life of Sam Wheat for over 10 months since rehearsals, which has been incredible but also requires a huge amount of sacrifice. The demand of this role, physically, mentally and most extremely, vocally, is like nothing I've ever committed to before. I have, for much of the past 10 months been on voice rest outside of the theatre to ensure I can perform this role, which means that you can't talk (obviously) which results in ones social life being very minimal and when you actually meet friends it's rarely in public places that could be too loud, it is not for any substantial amount of time and most of that time is spent catching up on the time you've not been able to see them because of your job. Ha!
The opportunity to drink alcohol is very rare (not that I'm a big drinker) as is attending a party or night out.
There is also the responsibility to keep fit. Luckily I enjoy the gym but it does get tough having to ensure you work out at least 3 times a week to remain "show fit" and also maintain the physicality required to play such an iconic role!

So indeed I'm ready for a break!

I write my blog as an insight into the life of a leading actor and that is why I write honestly about the tough sides of taking on leading roles in this industry.  So many young people (and I don't mean this to sound patronising) have the ambition of playing lead roles and picture it being amazing all the time and all about the showbiz lifestyle, the standing ovation every night and the recognition for being a lead in the west end, and yes, all that stuff is great, but the reality is- it's really very tough and you seriously have to be an extremely committed and disciplined person to sustain it, remembering that when you watch a show, the actors on stage perform that same show 8 times that week, and every week for how ever long a contract may be- usually a year.

As I said, I write this to inspire people and what I have just written is my way of really trying to let people understand that you have to be SO dedicated to your art if you want to do this professionally so think long and hard about it - I personally know that I would not want to do anything else outside of working in this industry professionally but it's not for everyone!
I know of too many people who have recently graduated from drama school after a £40,000 college fee and have now decided to do something else! Be wise, be realistic and be sensible!

So that's the honest, realistic part out of the way, I am now going back to my
positive self which feels a lot more natural. Although it's been hard work, I have loved playing Sam in Ghost. It's such a rewarding role as far as being able to really go on an extreme, dramatic journey every show is concerned.
From the moment I step on the stage in the first scene with my flash light I don't stop until I kiss Siobhan at the end of the bows as we walk off stage hand in hand to the play out music and it's an incredible roller coaster ride between those two points!

Ghost has been written so incredibly well by Bruce Joel Rubin, who happens to be one of the nicest, kindest, most humble and modest gentlemen I have EVER had the privilege of meeting and working with. Having a well written piece makes performing it so much easier. One of the difficult things usually is maintaining the freshness of a role for every new audience that watches it, and thanks to Bruce that has not been a chore at all.

Another key element in making a long contract endurable is to listen properly to your fellow actors. There's a difference between just listening for your turn to speak and actually hearing what others are saying and that may sound silly but when you know what someone is going to say before they've even said it, it's hard to hear it as if it's the first time and respond to it naturally unless you really listen properly. It's an art in itself and I thank my lucky stars that I was paired with my wonderful leading lady Siobhan Dillon for this job. It has been an absolute pleasure acting opposite her and singing these amazing songs with her. We have the most trust in each other that I have ever experienced on stage and our chemistry and comfortable familiarity has meant that portraying the deep love that Sam and Molly feel for one another has just been second nature. She is a truly unique performer and I shall sincerely miss working with her!

I have many favourite memories with this show as I think back on the contract. My agent telling me I got the job, working on the roles in rehearsals, opening night with the remaining original cast, opening night with the current cast and our press night, having many friends and family watching the show and hearing their reaction and response - and generally just loving turning up to work thinking I am so proud to be a part of a show I really, genuinely think is absolutely incredible!

When I saw the show last summer, long before I had even auditioned for it I predicted it would run and run- "for at least five years" is what I said, however now that it is closing, I am just so immensely grateful to have gotten in quickly and that everything worked out timing wise for me to have played this role in London whilst there is still such a hype about it and before it will be here no more! I can't quite believe they have only been able to have two companies! It deserved to run in my opinion!

It has been a wonderful company to be a part of, an amazing group of talented and lovely people who have made this experience so special. There are so many people I will be thanking this week but I must remember this is my blog not an awards acceptance speech......


I want to say a sincere thank you to all of you reading this now and to everyone who has sent in any messages, cards, presents, tweets, pictures or even just come to stage door during my time in the show. The support of my fans and the fans of Ghost is very important to me and I hope you will treasure the memories of this show as much as I will! It's been a very important job in my career path and a very special part of my life! I feel blessed to have given my portrayal of Sam Wheat to so many thousands of people and as I lay him to rest (quite literally) on Saturday night I know I will be shedding tears of sorrow and joy, but most of all pride! This show has ensured that I will indeed BELIEVE for the rest of my days!

Thanks for reading!

In the final words of Sam Wheat "See Ya!"

Forever Believing



PS- On Monday I fly to Shanghai for three weeks where Twitter and Facebook  are banned so I shall be off the radar for the rest of October! So I'll probably blog in early November but my priority when I get back is being able to experience and enjoy a 'normal' life for a while! I'll blog when I feel there's something you might wanna know about ;-)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

BLOG 114!!! Penultimate Ghostly Week!

Hey Everyone,

Happy Thursday.

I hope you're all doing well! Thanks to all of you who tweeted me your favourite Blog posts last week, it was a great trip down memory lane and also a shocking reminder of just extremely random I can be!

So we have just 13 shows of Ghost left (including 2 today). It's very much bitter sweet as I see it at the moment. It's always a relief to finish any long contract, just so your body and mind can recover, but this show is so special and unique that it's also extremely upsetting that we won't be telling this story anymore. It's difficult to find a musical which has as much truth and heart as Ghost with a script which, as an actor, makes you feel you could be doing a film it's so natural in its style - I know what you're all thinking 'well it was a film originally duh!' - but, screen to stage musicals do not always work but this one really does.

That's all I'm really gonna write about Ghost this week as next week's blog will be all about Ghost including some stories that you may not have been told and it will certainly be dedicated to Siobhan for being a wonderful leading lady to work opposite for 10 months!

I have started a new thing on twitter for these two weeks where I will be posting lots of pictures of various ghost related things which are in my photo library from throughout the contract and it's called #MyGhostJourney so keep an eye on those pictures! LOTS of photos I will not have posted on Twitter before!

It's been a good week since last Thursday. Lots of fun in the show and a pretty busy life outside of it too. My brother in law and his Dad arrived after the show on Thursday night to unload their tools into my flat and prepare for the big ass bathroom renovation I'm having done! The skip arrived in the morning and within 2 hours, what used to be my bathroom was in the skip on the roadside and I was left with a shell of mashed up bricks and nothing else!

They've worked really hard on it all week though and it's looking amazing and I can't wait to shower in there for the first time. It will be finished on Saturday! ......don't worry, I have been showering at the gym and at the theatre and in my neighbour's flat downstairs, so no, you judgmental people, I have not been smelly for a week!

This week has kind of been all about sleeping on my lounge floor and doing what I can to help the guys in the bathroom.

Other than that, I went to watch Taboo the musical on Sunday night which was great. Some wonderful performances and the songs (as ever) are brilliant! I've loved that show since it was first in London 10 years ago!
I was feeling a little tired that night though as the night before it was boys poker night with the Ghosties and my bedtime ended up being 4.30am! Worth it though as it was a really fun night!

Siobhan and I spent the day together yesterday, buying a few farewell gifts for the company and then lunch before watching a few of our friends in We Will Rock You. The singing in that show is always phenomenal. I can't wait to watch one of  my good mates Oliver Tompsett sing the wotsits off of those songs! He opens on October 8th! They are so lucky to have him going into it! He's one of my favourite vocalists ever!

Other than that folks there's nothing really to report. I am trying to work out exactly when I will have time to sort my flat, my dressing room, my packing and song learning and life out before Shanghai all whilst doing the next 13 shows but I have decided to just ignore it all and it will all happen when needed! Needless to say, this next week is gonna be MANIC!!!

Right then, I'm off to see my physio! Have a great week peeps!

Keep believing!



Thursday, 20 September 2012


Hey Everyone,

Happy Thursday. Hope you're all doing well. I've been up for hours already preparing my flat for utter mayhem which begins tomorrow morning. My brother in law and his dad arrive tonight to start work on ripping out my bathroom and completely replacing it and revamping it which is gonna be a nightmare (for them not me) but it also means that I am homeless for a week.
I can't wait for it to be finished and I'm thrilled I have two perfectionists working on it for me because it's gonna look a treat. So long bath, hello MASSIVE shower!

Anyway, I'm gonna head in to do two shows in a little while. There's not much to say about what I've been up to this week as I was signed off from Thursday through to Saturday and so all I did was rest and that is dull for me let alone for you if I were to write about it.

So…… I have decided to write about some suggestions that people tweeted me last night.

First topic:


Okay, so it's called Ultimate Broadway. I'm one of the four principals, the others being Ria Jones, Kerry Ellis and Josh Young. There is a British ensemble of 10 singer/dancers, a Chinese ensemble of 25 and a 45 piece orchestra.
It's at the amazing Shanghai Culture Square Theatre which is one of the most stunning theatres on the planet. The principals are there for a week and a half of rehearsals before doing 13 performances.
I've been given my song list and I can't wait to perform such a variety of songs. One of which might just be a duet from Ghost!
So I finish Ghost on October 6th, I head to Cardiff on october 7th for a big concert titled 'A Night At The Musicals' and then fly to Shanghai first thing on Monday the 8th of October for three weeks.
While I'm on the subject, Facebook & Twitter are not permitted in Shanghai therefore I probably won't be writing my blog weekly while I'm there but will certainly write one when I'm back on October 30th

Right next topic:

Matt was an incredible guy who I trained with at college about 8 years ago. He sadly died just over a week ago aged 32, whilst on a stag holiday with his friends in Las Vegas. It's such a tragic loss to the world, he was one of the most genuinely down to earth, kind and fun guys I had the pleasure of knowing. A wise, mature soul with the biggest smile I've ever seen.
I have many fond memories of him from our college days, the most prominent was that we were in the same singing lessons in our first ever term in college. Three of us, every Thursday morning - I remember him having such a loud voice that the windows would almost shake. He was singing the song 'Alive' in our very first lesson and I thought 'shit, this college has good singers, I need to up my game'. He inspired me, encouraged me and we just enjoyed each other's company. I don't profess to have been one of his closest friends but I am so very sad to hear the news of his death and my deepest sympathy goes to his family and friends. I hope they find the strength to deal with the shock and their grief. 
It certainly proved to me and other people who knew Matt just how precious life is. Take each day and cherish it folks as we only have one chance at this life!

Last topic:

Ok so this topic wasn't tweeted to me, I just remembered that it has been two years this week since my first ever blog, which I posted from my digs in Cheltenham whilst touring with Oklahoma. So much has changed since that job and that part of my life - So…
I thought I would suggest that if any of you, my wonderful loyal readers, remember a specific blog post that you enjoyed reading about then please tweet/Facebook me the link to it once you've found it amongst my previous posts and tell me why you enjoyed it - it'll be a different way of me having a trip down memory lane! 
The reason I started my blog was to give people an insight into the every day life of a leading actor in theatre and TV. The response I get from all of you who read it is amazing and I'm glad so many of you enjoy reading them, (I'm not far off 100,000 blog views!) feel inspired by them and can a lot of the time relate to them and hopefully feel uplifted by my positivity. I don't profess to be the happiest person on earth, and there have been plenty of times were I too have been in a dark place and found certain things in life to be very difficult but to dwell on those moments and not celebrate life is just a waste and I have the memory of Matt Beadle, a wonderful man to remind me to do what I want in life and enjoy every minute.

This Blog is dedicated to the memory of Matt Beadle!

Keep Believing, Thanks for reading (that rhymes) and above all……



PS Two weeks Saturday is the last ever show of Ghost in the West End (October 6th), if you've not seen it, I urge you to buy tickets asap and come over the next fortnight! 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Blog 112! A Royal Visit!

Yo yo yo,

Wassup my readers?! Just thought I'd start this weeks blog a little differently.
How you all doing?......... I'm waiting for an answer- How are you? Come on now, I want you to say how you are feeling out loud- Ok so if you're moaning or complaining just start thinking genuinely about any and all the good things in your life! Do it now! 3 good things in your life! Right, now you're feeling good, let's continue!

It's been a good week more or less including a visitation from none other than my amazing mum! Good times!

Last Friday I spent the morning researching properties (dull for you) whilst having a nice breakfast in the sun then I headed to meet my pal Haley for a good catch up over an iced lemonade drink that Cafe Nero have started doing recently! It is so sugary but really nice to drink in the sun!  I'm in such a random waffling mood today.... I mean, why the hell do you wanna know what I drank from Cafe Nero?!

Anyhoooo- I left Haley to have a meeting with my agent and I then went to work to do the show.

When I got home, my mate who has been staying with me a few times recently (cos he is homeless until he moves into his new flat on Sunday) had made me food. He asked during the day what I fancied to eat that night and I said "Spanish Tapas" as a joke cos that would be a lot of effort!
Low and behold, I get home that night and there's a big paella, prawns with chilli dip, cheesy bites, olives, chicken skewers, stewed red peppers, nice breads and dips and the list goes on! He was so proud of himself for taking on my challenge and I was thrilled he did too cos it was delicious!

HOWEVER.......that night I didn't get ANY sleep because I must have eaten something dodgy! I blame Sainsburys! But I was literally ill all night which resulted in me calling my company manager on Saturday explaining the situation and how there was no way possible I could do the show that day having been so violently I'll and had no sleep at all.

So Saturday consisted of laying down, resting and replenishing my body with water & nutrients!
I felt much better by the evening, just tired (not much new there then).

After a really good nights sleep I woke feeling great and decided to randomly drive down to Dover with a mate to have a chill all day and to have a BBQ on the beach, swim in the sea, drive up the white cliffs and just enjoy the sunshine! It definitely proved to me that you don't always need to leave the UK to feel like you're on holiday! It was a great day which ended in a chilled night watching the Paralympic closing ceremony in my lounge and feeling really rested!

Monday I got up early to go to the gym to fit in a work out before Mother Evans arrived London Euston. Once she got in on the train, we walked down to Trafalgar Square to watch the parade of all the 2012 athletes. The atmosphere was amazing and it was a great way to finish what has been an incredible summer for British sport and for London and the UK in general. Mum loved it too which was the most important thing!

After that I took her for dinner to one of my favourite restaurants and then for some frozen yoghurt before she watched the show that night.
She met lots of my friends on the train home which she enjoyed and after a good sleep we woke Tuesday morning to go and view some properties together. The first place sent us into a delirious state for the rest of the day because the owner was an old lady who liked to collect things! LOTS  of things and it was so funny hearing her tell us all the reasons why she wanted to collect each different item, I kept catching my mum's eye and we were trying desperately not to laugh! Sweet lady though. After a busy morning driving around viewing different paces we had a nice chilled afternoon (we both had a nap) before I headed to work and she watched the show again! She loves it so much! She will have seen it 6 times by the time she and my sister come again for our last show on October 6th!

We headed home for nice nibbles and a good laugh before bed!

Yesterday (Wednesday) we just spent the day wandering round London and eating in some of my favourite places etc before I bid her a miserable farewell in Euston - hate saying goodbye to Mum every time! She's a legend!

Last night the show was tough vocally which is why I'm heading to see my physio now to see if he gives me the ok to do two shows today, but a great distraction from being concerned about my voice was the fact that the second understudy for Molly was on - Amy Webb and she was wonderful. It was lovely to act opposite a different portrayal of the role and she has a killer voice! What a talented gal!

Anyway I need to post this so I can head to hopefully get healed!!!

Thanks for reading as ever! Next week marks two whole years of blogging! That is dedication!

Have a great week and remember if you feel a bit rubbish, think of three things to be grateful for and which make you happy and it'll really help!

Keep Believing



Thursday, 6 September 2012

BLOG 111! Tits and Ass!!!

Hi Everyone,

How you all doing? Hope you've had a good week.

Isn't it nice to have this sunshine. It's gonna be a good September I can tell!

So last Thursday was a struggle to get through two shows but seeing my physio  helped- he actually signed me off both shows saying I should rest my voice but I decided to not do what I was told and pushed through. I had 70 people in that I knew from Wales so I felt the need to be there!

By Thursday night I really needed my bed!
Friday I had a quiet day by myself and decided to have a relaxing massage at my favourite place, Thai Square Spa in Covent Garden! I opted for a different treatment to my usual which ended up being the most painful massage I have ever had without a doubt. When a physio treats you they might cause pain for a couple of minutes then move onto a different area for a while, but no, Demon Bitch (which is what I decided her name should be) got her elbow in every single muscle on my back and shoulders and neck and wouldn't let up until it was practically rolled out like pastry! I had silent tears it was so bad. She was literally crawling over me, using her feet, stretching me, cracking me and basically making me ridiculously close to demanding a refund. When she was finished she let me have 10 minutes to recover and stretch out which I requested and I suddenly realised that it was the most effective treatment I have ever had.

I got to work that night and my whole body felt so easy and relaxed and my voice could sing easily because all the tension had been forced out of my upper body! I decided Demon Bitch was nasty but she needed a medal for what she had done for me! I am now terrified to go back to her, but I know that I will on many occasions because it is certainly worth it!

So Saturday I woke feeling really motivated and revitalised and ready for the last couple of shows of the week. I headed in early for my guitar lesson which was hard work. I'm learning a really tricky piece at the  moment and my fingers nearly dropped off by the end! I enjoy it though.

I was absolutely delirious by the last show of the week on Saturday night and just found everything hilarious! We have a lot of banter back stage at Ghost which is surprising considering I'm rarely off the stage! It was a good show and a good way to end the week- and what was better was heading home to have a few glasses of well earned red wine!

Sunday I woke and had a chilled day at home before heading to the gym for a good work out (I know, on a day off- nutter!) then went to meet Louise Dearman for our West End Bares sound check. We ran through the song a couple of times and then headed for some food and a cheeky glass of wine!

We went back to get ready for the two shows and we walked back stage into a haze of glitter, naked bodies and more make up than the cast of Priscilla x 100!!!!!

There was no where to turn without getting practically poked in the eye by a painted nipple or accidentally getting a face full of rear end- it was an experience like not many others! "Hi, I'm Mark, nice to meet you, nice ass by the way" (that ass being covered in bronze body paint of course!)

The show itself was pretty darn amazing- what everyone did on a stage the size of a couple of place mats was incredible! There are some fiercely talented dancers in the West End and get them dancing with no clothes on and they're suddenly even more talented! It was a great night, fun, sexy, classy and all in aid of a fantastic charity,Theatre MAD! It's not yet been confirmed what has been raised in total but if you were in the audience, thanks so much for coming and being such a great crowd. I hope you had as much fun as we did!

I was shattered by the end of the night! There was A LOT of waiting around without really being able to relax because you'd get an "excuse me, I think your sitting on my bra" or a "do you mind going in my handbag and passing me that bottle of Vodka"- also, Louise and I were there literally to sing the finale song (no stripping involved) but when you have people running around getting sprayed and oiled and seeing them limbering up you kind of feel you should be doing something other than just sitting and chatting! So we stood and chatted instead- which is simply exhausting of course!

I woke on Monday and headed to have a second viewing of a property I was interested in which I have decided not to buy, then I headed to work!

The rest of this week has been pretty uneventful really I've spent most of this blog writing about nude hotties but hey, why not! I'm off to do two shows now! I read a book yesterday- literally the whole thing, I urge you to read it if you're an actor or in training- its called:
The Golden Rules Of Acting That Nobody Ever Tells You - by Andy Nyman
It's a witty, easy read book which is very informative and it's actually good to read if you are a friend of an actor so you know how to handle them during the 'out of work' times etc. It's all so true and very motivating and reassuring!

If you read it, let me know what you think!

Have a great week folks! Keep believing!



Thursday, 30 August 2012

Blog 110! I'm Becoming A Battered Old Man! :-)

Hey Everyone

Happy Thursday.

Hope you all had a good week since my last blog. Mine has been pretty varied really.

Last Friday I woke up and could barely move my head. I hurt my neck during the evening show the night before so having rested it over night it had clearly seized up. I headed to see my physio and he did all he could and actually spent half of his lunch break continuing to work on me after my session as he said I was not in a good state and reckons its because I've been really busy with everything since before the summer school so my body was just having a bit of a hissy fit!

He made it feel a little more comfortable but I knew getting through 3 shows over the weekend was gonna be a challenge.
I then went to watch the matinee of National Youth Music Theatre's production of 13 which is written by composer Jason Robert Brown.
It was incredible. The talent in those teenage performers was outstanding and I was seriously impressed with them. I love seeing talented teens who have decided to pursue a really healthy and satisfying hobbie that could potentially become a career (hence working on my summer school for so many years). My good friend Drew McOnie was the choreographer of the show and his work is always amazing and I was really impressed by his intelligent imaginative movement which he'd created within the show. It's a shame it was only on in London for 6 performances as I'd have harped on about it for ages urging people to see it!

My friend Hollie came to watch Ghost on Friday night so I had a quick catch up with her before the show and then afterwards I headed home to well and truly rest as my neck was so painful that I couldn't feel my right hand in certain parts of the show- never a good sign really.

I had a dreadful sleep on Friday night because I could not get comfortable and it was worse in the morning instead of better so I called our company manager and explained that I would not be in to perform either of Saturdays shows.

I had originally made plans to head to my friends house after the show on Saturday night  so that we could enjoy a day together chilling on Sunday. She called me and said she and her husband were going to a wedding party and wouldn't be back until late so offered me their house to just chill out in. I jumped at the chance because I can never lay and do nothing in my own place.
So I picked up some nice food to cook myself and headed over to her place in Hampshire and just watched TV and lots of Brothers & Sisters and was then entertained by the two of them who arrive home late after the wedding and they were hilariously drunk! I was on water patrol!

Sunday morning I spent online, googling properties as I've decided to buy a new place and then in the afternoon we went for a walk and for some lunch. My neck was feeling a little looser but was still painful.

Sunday evening we went to meet another friend of ours for her birthday and had some amazing Thai food in Windsor. I love Windsor, it's a stunning place with so much class and character! It was a lovely evening and then we headed home to chill.

Monday morning I wondered down to check out an area in Epsom where there was a property for sale that looked interesting then I headed into town for a work out in the gym. I worked everything that doesn't immediately involve the neck. It was hard work. I then had physio and he mended me a little more and told me that the tension around my neck and shoulders would probably cause a few minor problems for my voice which it certainly has this week. I've been trying to sing and although it sounds more or less the same as usual it feels as though someone has a hold of my throat and is squeezing! Just what I need when I'm belting I Had A Life! Not!

I'm actually writing this blog on my way to the physio as my voice is still effected and not right. I don't want to miss any shows this week, particularly today's matinee as there are about 70 people in watching from North Wales. They're travelling on a coach 5 hours each way and doing it all in a day,it's been planned for over 4 months and they're all from my village up there and specifically coming down to see me! If I wasn't on, they would be, quite frankly, pretty pissed!

Another thing I did on Monday was watch the film TED at the cinema! My god I thought it was really bad! Didn't find it funny and  I was really disappointed as I love Family Guy which is written by the same man! I wouldn't recommend it unless you are really drunk, and if you plan on getting drunk especially for the film, don't bother cos the hang over won't be worth it!!!

The rest of this week has just been about house hunting really which is boring for you but exciting for me! Oh we also had a cast photo shoot for the West End Bares Calendar which was in minimal clothing! It was funny, a load of ensemble boys walking around the stage wearing socks somewhere other than their feet! Some were little trainer socks and a couple were football socks! I knew you were wondering! I'm joking of course!
The calendar is apparently to be released at the beginning of October and each month features a different West End Show baring too much!

So anyway, I'm at physio now. Hope you all have a great week. See you at West End Bares on Sunday if you are coming! Keep loving life folks!