Thursday, 28 April 2011

BLOG 41 - Dunno how but I got there in the end!

Hi Gang

Happy Thursday. How you all doing?

So it is now 8.45pm and I've just finished what i do in act one and so I can finally start writing today's blog! I'm gonna be different and start this week by telling you what I've been up to today, so you can see why this edition is so late being posted - i know that by the time it actually gets finished you will have followed me through the show and probably onto my train and then i imagine i'll finish it in my mate Sally's house as I'm staying there tonight to record on her EP (which stands for extended play incase you didn't know) tomorrow.

I woke early this morning to sort a few things out in my flat before heading to meet my mate Nathan Amzi who I worked with on Rocky Horror and he's a photographer and technology wiz (he did my website photography!) so I needed him to help little old technology thicko here to set up a few things. So he did all the iphone set up (for those of you who didn't know my iphone was stolen last week which i'll tell you about in a bit - but received my new one yesterday!) and he synced it all with my computer and I now have it all backed up and secure if ever it gets lost or stolen again. There were lots of other boring technical things with email accounts etc that we needed sorting which he very kindly helped me with - or rather, took charge and did it all for me!

Then we did a photo shoot so i have some new pictures to use if i need them before i rushed into central London to meet my new manager!!! I haven't mentioned it until now but as of last week I have a manager who will be working alongside my agent and will help me manage the many projects that I have to juggle between London, Wales and beyond. She also has some incredible ideas for future projects and lots of things that I reckon most of you reading this will get really excited about so all is good blog readers!!! I sat with her for a few hours and we turned the whole of one corner in Costa Coffee in soho into our office, with papers, computers and iphones (did i mention i have an iphone again? - happy!!!), and we had a very productive afternoon. Watch this space to see what's to come is all i can say!!!

I then had to get over to the theatre here asap to get my ears lowered (slang for get my hair cut to you people who ain't heard that saying!) and I have to admit I look considerably younger this evening post hair chop - let's just hope that when I feel in years to come that i want to look younger that all it'll take is a 30 minute haircut - ha, highly unlikely! 

I then went to the gym as it'll probably be closed tomorrow - cos apparently there's some sort of wedding happening in London tomorrow!?!?!?!! I then came into work and had to take 10 minutes to celebrate the fact that Fatman and Blobbin have been reunited this evening! My big buddy (munchkin sized big buddy) Ben Stott arrived back tonight after a week on his holidays and it was so great to see him and it's great to have him back! Missed him!

Then it was show time and I was thinking "Evans, seriously, when are you gonna find time to write your Blog today" but I said I'd find time and here i am!

So I'll keep you posted on the rest of the evening as it progresses until i complete blog 41 but for now……. let's go back, way back to a time where West End performers where glitzed and glammed up and ready to fight for the prestigious title of WEST END EUROVISION 2011 WINNER - yup let's go back to last Thursday evening which was AMAZING!!! If you don't know what the West End Eurovision is then check the end of my previous blog (blog 40) to read about it. 
It was an incredible night and so well put together - with so much effort put in not only from all the 11 west end shows that competed but from the charity TheatreMAD for production values that were more impressive than some west end shows I've seen in the past. It really was a celebration of a great charity and of the wealth of outstanding talent London's west end performers have to offer. I admit i was very drunk after two bottles of wine and a G&T but I take my hat off to them and thank them for hosting one of the most fun nights out I've had in a while.
Wicked won the award for best creative input and the over all winners were Legally Blonde who were very entertaining! 

I woke up in the middle of Friday morning with a very sensitive head - i don't ever have hangovers really but I was sat on the floor of my lounge surrounded by receipts and bills and paperwork trying so desperately to complete my tax return to send to my accountant but every time I looked from left to right too quickly I had to take a deep breath and focus on what a great night it had been so that i didn't let the dodgy feeling get the better of me! 
Once I had finished it all i had some lunch then treated myself by going into town a couple of hours before work and having a sleep in Hyde Park - it was perfect! I woke myself up by snoring - I don't snore so you can imagine how shocked i was when I did it in the middle of a park! Ha!
Then after work I had a quick bevvie (what scousers call a drink aka beverage!) with a mate before heading home on the train……which is where the iphone saga took place….

And on that note, I've just been called to stage to start ACT 2! I shall continue in a little while. Don't go anywhere- I'll be back :) 

Right I've just got ready for my last bit of act 2 very quickly so I have about 10 minutes to write before i'm called to stage.

So where was I….

Oh yeah, I was on the train home on Friday and I'd been replying to tweets and texts and emails on my phone the whole time and was two stops away from where I live - we'd stopped and the train doors where beeping as they were about to close then from behind me some stranger swiped my phone from my hands and exited the train, i managed to get up and get after him to the doors before they closed but couldn't follow any further as my bag was left on the seat where i had been sitting - i shouted out loud as there were lots of people around "someone stop that guy, he's stolen my phone" but before anyone could do anything he had gone, then the train doors closed and I was taken away left with everyone on the train looking at me and i will admit I let out a very very naughty word!!! 
I just didn't know what to do, there i was heading home after a nice drink with  mate and then that happened and i felt helpless - I couldn't call the police cos my phone was with a nifty fingered thief and so i got off and ran home to call my friend Nathan on Skype who calmed me down and sorted things out with me - The woman at Lewisham police was not very helpful at all but never mind! Anyway, as a positive person I just accepted that it could have been worse - at least there was no violence involved! Just be careful folks. Nathan has 4 friends this has happened to on the train in the last week! Don't give the thieves the opportunity and the satisfaction of getting your belongings! Rant over!

Saturday morning i headed into chat to a very pleasant helpful guy in the Bond Street Vodafone shop who gave me a little plastic replacement phone for £!0 which looked as if it was a kids toy that might blow bubbles but it really helped me out!

Then work was hard on Saturday as i was exhausted having not slept cos I was worried I wouldn't wake up as my iphone was my alarm clock and it had obviously gone - two performances of WICKED with about 3 hours sleep is not easy!!!

…I am now on the train from Victoria - had to stop writing in order to finish the show! Priorities!!!

There are three girls who have just got on the train after me who I thought were high on drugs….but no…they have just been to watch Legally Blonde!!! They are insane, and not in good way like the Wicked  fans are insane in a good way!!! C.R.A.Z.Y!!! 

So after the second show on Saturday night I headed straight home to chill and it was lovely! I had a pizza to myself and a bag full of mini eggs - what more could i ask for haha!

Sunday morning I had a sort out of my flat and chilled a bit then my mate Sally and her new Fiance popped over to mine then we headed to where they live to chill and celebrate their recent engagement with champagne and snacks in their local park before a few drinks and then some evening pub food! Perfect. This was all topped off with laying on the sofa watching what is now one of my favourite films, 'Love And Other Drugs' which stars Jake Gyllenhall (spelling?) and Anne Hathaway and they are both superb. I watched it in the cinema on my birthday so it was nice to watch it again and doze a little bit whilst watching - nothing better than falling asleep on a sofa knowing you can and that you have nowhere to go and nothing to do eh?

Having stayed with Sal and Olly I woke Monday morning and after breakfast headed into town and decided that as most people in the country were enjoying the Easter Monday bank holiday, i would let myself enjoy it too, so I met a couple of friends and we hired the London Barclays Bikes and cycled around London and hyde park and sunbathed enjoying the afternoon! Then had some food in the park before I headed to work to get into some running gear and went running  around the area, because the gym was closed - I got a little bit lost! HAHA! Picture me, a guy who has a very good sense of direction normally, ending up in the complete wrong part of London and wondering if I know how to get back to the theatre within 30 minutes to do physical warm up! Don't worry I made it with 3 minutes to spare!!!

After the show on Monday I went home to find a treat left in my fridge from my flatmate/lodger - 5 meringues with strawberries and cream! How delightful. ha

Woke early Tuesday to sort out the insurance and further police stuff that I wasn't able to do until then because of the bank holiday weekend then finished lots of other work before a gym session and then work! Nothing eventful really happened on Tuesday that I can recall!

Wednesday (yesterday) I randomly hadn't set an alarm but happened to wake up 10 minutes before the first ever showing of Marcaroni (The Welsh kids TV programme I worked on over Dec/Jan) was aired on S4C so I watched it and am so excited that there is a programme such as this available to kids to learn some great new music and have a laugh at some comedy characters basically being cute and silly!
Then I couldn't get back to sleep so decided to get up and head into town early to go for another cycle around Hyde Park as I enjoyed it so much on Monday and it was the perfect thing I could have done to gather my thoughts and prepare for my meeting with Rebecca today! That put me in a nice sprightly mood for the show and then i turned up at stage door and there was a lovely girl named Becky from Dundee who i'm sure will be reading this who had arranged for lots of you who are fans to get in touch and send messages to make me smile after the iphone incident! I am so grateful to Becky and all of you who made such an effort and it really did make me smile! There's a video going around with a thanks message from me i believe! My fans are the best.

So then that brings us to today which I've already babbled on about. I am about 5 minutes away from Sally's house now so it all worked out perfectly. The end of a very busy day!!!

Whatever you are all doing to celebrate the Royal Wedding make sure you have a great time and make the most of it! I am surprised that it has made me feel rather proud to be British - let's see if that lasts tomorrow when I'm fighting the crowds whilst trying to get to work! HAHA! 


Thanks for reading folks. 

Big ole SH-BOOM heading your way!


PS. I said i'd drop a mention in my blog to the people who sent in the #makemarksmlie messages - i am very grateful - 
Laure Roberts, Katy, Paula McCann, Harriet, Louise Jones, Conor, Franzy, Kara Johnson, Sarah Beckman, Caroline Simpson, Ben McDonald, Sarah White, Heather Evans, Sarah, Emily Beaumont, Natalie Kulynycz, Amanda Kappely, Emma, Rebeka Dio, Liam Jefford, Michael Rideout, Stephanie Stans AND OF COURSE - Becky (@babygumm07)

Thursday, 21 April 2011

BLOG 40!!! The Big FOUR OH!!! (40) It is a big one too!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Yup we're back to the normal Thursday blog day this week and wow has it been a busy week for me!!!!

But first of all, I'm just gonna send out the biggest SH-BOOM as a means of rejoicing over this weather! I'm very sorry if you live somewhere that isn't sunny as you read this right now and you consider my celebratory Sh-boom as a way of rubbing your nose in it but…..I don't care - haha. Us Brits moan about the weather so much but as of the last couple of weeks there is such a positive feel to London town and i love it! (Is it the weather or the lead up to the Royal Wedding!?!?!? Who knows!!!)

Right so I last blogged on Wednesday of last week! So that night after the show I met a few friends for a nice after show dinner and drinks at Sophie's again in Covent Garden! It was lovely - then I headed home to finish packing and got to sleep!

It was an early start for me on Thursday as I got the train home to North Wales where my mum met me along with my Sister and her youngest daughter. I was so happy to see them and we headed straight home so I could help my mum prepare all the food for our middle of April Christmas dinner that I had politely requested! THERE WAS A LOT OF FOOD!!! 
At 3pm I went down to surprise my niece who was finishing school for easter and didn't know I was collecting her - when she saw me, she stood still for a split second, just trying to work out how uncle mark could possibly be in her school, and then from nowhere a big grin appeared as she ran and jumped up into my arms! I love my nieces so much and they make me very happy and proud! So then we went back up to my parents farm (or 'The Ranch' as we children call it) and had a big family christmas meal - we were pulling crackers and wearing the hats and telling the dreadful jokes and everything! I ate far too much food. Not only was the turkey dinner amazing but my mum had made homemade strawberry pavlova and my sister had made a homemade cheesecake with raspberry coolis - i had two portions of each with lots of carte d'or vanilla ice cream! I ate so much that for the rest of the evening I lay feeling very uncomfortable which resulted in me having zero personality which defeated the object of having a family get together in the first place really! But hey, that's what you do at Christmas right?, you eat, then sleep!!!

So Friday morning I woke and headed to meet one of my best friends and bride to be Aimee, who's wedding was on Saturday. We had lots of last minute wedding preparations to do along with her chief bridesmaid Helen and our friend Carys. We were working on table plans, place names, table decorations, collecting wedding cake and flowers and then we all headed to Aimee's mum's house where we were staying over and we toasted to her last night as Miss Edwards with a bottle of fizz and a take away chinese (again, Evans ate too much!)
We were in bed by 10.30pm but I don't think any of us slept very well as we were excited for the wedding the next day!

Saturday morning we woke at 6am - The house was utter chaos with bridesmaids, make up, bridesmaids, flowers, bridesmaids, hair stylists, bridesmaids and more bridesmaids!………
There was actually only 4 bridesmaids and two flower girls and a page boy -  but my god those bridesmaids sure know how to make a house a busy one!

The were no real dramas other than one kinda major one - Myself and Carys were ready to leave the house to go to the church and set up the music player for my song, when something snapped off the back of Aimee's wedding dress that we decided had to be mended. So we had to quickly (baring in mind the church was a 40 minute drive away and this was only an hour before the wedding) head to a shop to find safety pins - I couldn't find any but found a mini sewing kit so they had to sew the little broken loop back together!!! D.R.A.M.A!!! 

However - the wedding was stunning, she looked amazing, as did the 27 bridesmaids, sorry I mean 4 bridesmaids and everyone was very happy! The church was really cute and Aimee cried as I sang Josh Groban's 'When You Say You Love Me'  - They were happy tears by the way, she wasn't crying cos I was rubbish!!!

We all headed to the reception for a good hour of photography (Evans in the mean time, found a secret stash of the bucks fizz they were handing out on trays and devoured about 5!!! Sh-boom!)

The wedding breakfast (why do they call it that when it's blatantly at lunch time!??) was delicious and it was a really nice afternoon with good speeches and great company!

My parents had been invited to the evening 'do' so it was nice to sit and chat with them whilst munching on bacon sarnies (cool idea for evening wedding party food eh?) and eating wedding cake and then working it off with some dreadful wedding dancing! I have to say that as a trained dancer, I don't know what makes me do this but I dance at weddings like I have never attempted to move in time with music before in my life! I'm sure people were looking at me from the outskirts of the dance floor thinking "well if that's what those west end people are like, I won't waste my bloody money going to watch them!"

I was tired and ready for bed come about 10.30pm so my Mum, Dad and I headed home and i went straight to bed! Oh and this never happens but I was VERY drunk that night!!! - Maybe that explains the dreadful dancing?!?!!)

Sunday morning i only felt a little delicate so had a nice healthy breakfast then my mum and i went for a long walk and spent the entire day visiting family and enjoying a relaxing day off! I had to go for a run in the afternoon as I had devoured so much food over the course of the weekend I just felt a bit yukey so I did a mile or two 'around the block'! Does everyone have a block? You know if you go for a walk or a run or to take the dog out you just say "I'm going for a walk around the block!" - Okay that was possibly the most random diversion from a blog i have ever made - I really do just write what comes to my head!!! Anyway….. by the time I got back to the ranch I think I was officially sweating wine! 
I showered and then chatted to my brother and his family who had popped in to say hello before heading to the train station to head down to Birmingham!!! I hate saying goodbye to my family but I'll see them soon enough, and instead of feeling sad i decided to feel happy and celebrate a great weekend!!!

I was heading to Birmingham cos it was a bit closer to London to travel back the next day and was meeting my friends Laura and Colin from Dancing On Ice (who a lot of you very kindly voted for - thanks!) as they were there with the live tour! We went out for dinner with Chris Biggins who I hadn't seen for a while - He's a friend of mine since we worked together on The Rocky Horror Show and it was great to see him and a lovely fun night out!!! Laura's Mum was with us too and we decided that she and I will be the next 'Laura and Colin' and will go on Dancing On Ice next year! Ha! 
We then had drinks at the hotel and Laura was taking her hair piece out after she'd warn it for the show that night and Biggins tried it on - that was hilarious! I think Laura tweeted a picture of it on Twitter if you wanna try and find it! Good times!

The next day Laura, Colin and I went bowling in central Birmingham to a place called 'Leisure Box'. It's apparently not been open that long and the staff were really lovely so if you are ever in Birmingham and fancy a bit of bowling or ice skating (they have a massive rink too!) then go support them!!!

After that I did some mooching around Birmingham before getting on a train back to London - I felt I had to do a good hours work out at the gym to work off the food of the weekend and then returned to work and it was lovely to be back!!! I needed a break away from London, but it is so nice to come back too and also come back to a show and a job and a company like Wicked which is almost like a family!!! Good times!!!

After the show on Monday I went straight home to unpack my case and get to bed! 

I had to be up early on Tuesday morning to do some filming for WICKED!!! That's all i'm gonna say for now but it was fun and I will of course post the link to the footage we filmed as soon as it's available - if you haven't already then sign up to the monthly OZMOPOLITAN news letter on the Wicked London website too!!!

After that I had a meeting with my agent before heading to record a track for the new album by composer Chris Passey! It didn't take long as it was a duet so I didn't have too much to sing and then I did a video blog for @stageleftpod which will be released on Twitter soon - i was answering some questions that some of you sent in and was chatting about the CD and the recording! I'll put it on Twitter for y'all!!!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I woke early and was very productive, between food shopping, washing, cooking, sorting through my tax return work (which for those of you who don't need to do it or aren't self employed - it takes AGES!!!) then I met with the wonderfully talented Oliver Tompsett who used to be in Wicked - he and his brother do a lot of song writing and have written a corker of a track for my upcoming album which i have written the Welsh lyrics for!

I'd just like to say that everything is really coming together with my album now! Next week I'm getting together with my musical director to work on the orchestrations and soon after that it'll be time to hit the studio and get my vocals down!!!  I have put so much hard work into it and there are so many things about it that excite me but I am not able to say much at the mo -  but stick with me on this, within the next few weeks I'll be releasing more and more information as the build up to the release gets nearer! We're looking early August at the moment but nothing is definite!!! How exciting!!! 

The two show's yesterday I found difficult as I think the weekend's busyness finally took a hold! I'm fine when I'm on stage if I feel tired it's when I come off and am not in character that it is hard work! But I had a good nights sleep so I feel good today. Continued work on my tax this morning then had a very exciting meeting just before coming here to Starbucks to write this blog! Lots of good things are going to be happening as far as you fans are concerned! So watch this space!!!

And that brings me to the here and now!!!

I have to just say that my Best Friend sally got engaged today!!! How amazing!!! So there'll be another wedding to write about in a future blog - but not for some time!

Thanks for reading everyone! I get so much positive feedback from you all about this blog and I'm delighted you all enjoy reading it (don't forget to click 'Follow' in the top left hand of the screen to make sure you never miss anything!) - Last week saw a record number of readers so keep spreading this around to all your friends and share the positivity and love of life cos it really is too short!!!

Get in touch on Twitter and if you have any questions I'll try and answer them! @MarkHEvans

Keep smiling



P.S I just remembered I promised to write a little bit about tonight's West End Eurovision! Tonight at the Piccadilly Theatre in London's West End 12 shows will compete against each other to raise money for TheatreMAD which is an incredible charity! The idea is that each show picks any song which has been performed by any country in any year of the Eurovision Song Contest and the entire night is run in the same way as the actual contest itself, with VT (Video Tape) introduction's and then the audience vote via text for their favourite performances! It's so much fun and it all gets very competitive and political as the best of the West End's talent battle it out to take home the trophy!!!
I competed with Wicked three years ago when I was in the ensemble and it was the first year that TheatreMAD had held the competition and we won by performing Gina G's '(Ooh Ahh) Just A Little Bit' (which is on YouTube)! I shall be tweeting from the show tonight but be warned it'll be a late night and Wicked are not scheduled to even go on stage until 1.30am!!! If you wanna vote I'll tweet the texting number - assuming it'll work ok! It's all for charity!!! And it's all fun!!! Sh-boom!!!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Hey Everyone,

Happy WEDNESDAY!!! Yup, I'm writing this week's blog a day early as tomorrow I am heading up to my family in North Wales until Monday and they don't have internet there and also I don't think it's very nice to arrive home having not been back since December and then sit at my laptop for an hour and a half typing a blog ignoring my family.

So I am currently sat on my train into town from my flat - I really need to leave my flat a couple of minutes earlier….every day this week I have ended up seeing my train arrive when i'm 200 yards away from the station and end up running to get on it - so you can picture a wind swept, out of breath Evans typing away on the 10.35 southeastern service to London Victoria right now. Ha.

So the last time I blogged was last Thursday and after the show that night I went to stay with my best friend Sally and we had a nice chat and a catch up over some cornflakes before bed! It's so exciting eh???
The next morning we went for breakfast (not Cornflakes) to a little cafe near by, then popped into a few shops. I ended up spending too much money on underwear! Completely replaced my collection! Ha

Then Friday afternoon I headed to West London to record a track for the new album by the wonderfully talented composer Tim Prottey-Jones which will be released in September apparently. The song I sang is called 'Exit Signs' and it's got a great rocky feel to it which i love. The album is gonna have 16 amazing artistes on it so I'll let you know when it's officially released 'cause I reckon it'll definitely be worth buying!

It only took about 45 minutes to get the track down so after that i headed to Oxford Circus to find an outfit for my friend Aimee's wedding which is this Saturday. (I actually only needed a shirt and tie) I walked into Topman and saw exactly what i wanted immediately which was so refreshing - usually if you have an idea in your head of what you want you can just never find it, don't you agree???
Aimee and I have been friends since school so she's told me I am an honorary bridesman (is that what you'd call the male equivalent of a bridesmaid?) so she has asked me to co-ordinate with the colour scheme of the entire day which is why i needed that specific shirt and tie! Anyway……
After that I headed to the gym for a good work out before the show, then home to bed after work!!!

Saturday morning I popped to see a mate before heading to work for two shows. The weather was so nice that it was hard to step into stage door for the matinee and then after the first show, a group of us from the cast went to eat our food outside in the sun - however we were true brits down to the bone because it was actually really REALLY cold, but we sat there regardless - "the sun is out so we must sit in it!" - so daft!

After Saturday night's show I had a quick drink in the pub with a couple of people from work and then headed home.

Sunday morning was quick clean of my flat, then headed out for the day for the WICKED charity football match. What a great day. I popped to Sainsbury's on the way to the train station, but had only left myself 7 minutes to shop, pay for it, and get to the train on time - so I was running around like I was in Dale's supermarket sweep, just grabbing anything i saw that was picnic like and that I fancied eating, then ran to the checkout, quickly paid and made it to the train with 90 seconds to spare - I was impressed with my timing skills. Ha.

Once we arrived Battersea Park at about 1pm we sat down and I tucked straight into my food (trust me, there was a lot to get through!) The sun was blazing down and it was so nice to socialise with the wonderful people i work with, away from the theatre or London Victoria in general. Everyone I work with is lovely, we're very lucky to have such a nice company of people! (that doesn't always happen in musical theatre, believe me!) 

Kick off with the game was at 2pm. Basically a few weeks ago, WICKED were approached by a gay football team known as the Left-footers, asking if they would be interested in challenging them to a football match to raise money for a couple of worthy charities - well WICKED always like a challenge and there is a football team within the company already who play friendly matches against other West End shows etc so that's why it was all arranged for last Sunday.
I was going to play originally and then having worked my ass off at the gym every day of the week leading up to it I decided my body definitely needed a day of doing absolutely nothing but sit in the sun and relax, so that's exactly what I did!

It was a good game, WICKED won 3-2 and then after the match we just sat down in a massive group on the park for a few hours, eating, drinking and laughing. There were lots of dogs too as people had brought them along so it was like a big family gathering. 
Zoe Rainey (who plays Nessarose in the show) announced on Sunday that she has never learnt how to ride a bike - so i had my first 'Dad-like' moment of my life and I taught her! We used someone's bike that they'd brought with them and I did the whole help her on it and run along side her while she picks up speed peddling and holding on to the back of the saddle and then when she felt confident enough I gave her that little shove and let go and away she went - seriously, she was so overwhelmed it was great! We have video footage that we're trying to upload onto Facebook and twitter so hopefully we'll get it sorted. - 
She did however nearly kill a mother and very young baby because she was heading in a straight line towards them and couldn't figure out that all she needed to do was turn the handle bars to avoid a collision- I kind of slowed her down and she more or less hoped off the bike instead of just turning. It was F.U.N.N.Y!!! She won't mind me telling you all of this.

Right my train is just getting into Victoria now so I'm going for a swim and then i'll continue writing this when I get into work. Sh-boom!!!

…….. 60 lengths later and a good steam and I'm now in Starbucks finishing this off before I head into to the theatre. I have major brain freeze right now from swigging too much mango frappuccino!!! Brrr!

Right where was I???….

Oh yeah, so after I taught Zoe to ride a bike it was about an hour later that we decided to head into Clapham where the Left-footers football team had arranged a cabaret/karaoke/auction off a date with a gay football player type event at a classy place known as the Two Brewers (For those of you who have been, you'll appreciate exactly how sarcastic I was just then when I said classy - ha)

We drove over and decided that as we would have to wait a while for other people who got the train to arrive the bar, that we would go to a restaurant across the road for a meal first - also none of us felt we were drunk enough or brave enough to enter what looked like the rowdiest gay bar in Clapham at that point of the evening - and then once we'd eaten and chatted a lot, I realised that all I wanted to do was go home. It's surprising how a long day in the sun combined with way too much Pimms and lemonade and socialising can make you feel really tired, so I headed home - that's right, I didn't even make it to the Two Brewers. 

Got home and had a large port and a KitKat chunky and watched Atonement as it was on the T.V - what a sad film. I'd seen it before so it didn't matter that I nodded off a couple of times watching it on Sunday I was still feeling pretty sad!

Monday was another glorious day of sunshine so I got up, headed to do a good work out at the gym before meeting my mate Haley for a couple of hours to walk and talk - I adore her! Great friend!!! I even managed to make her wanna get on Twitter - WATCH THIS SPACE, you'll love her sense of humour!!! 

Then before I headed to the theatre I met up with my ex-flat mate who is now living in Cardiff with her Boyfriend and they are 5 months pregnant! They are so happy and she looks amazing! It was her birthday so they'd travelled up to London to do some shopping and come watch Wicked. It was so good to see her - even if she did have smelly feet when she lived with me :-) - (hope you're reading this liz!!! You stink!!!)

We had a few bevies after the show and then I went home.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I met my friend Craige at the National Theatre on his lunch break from rehearsals for The Cherry Orchard which I can't wait to go see in a few weeks! It was great to catch up with him again this week (saw him last Tuesday too!) and then had a meeting with my financial advisor to discuss boring adult stuff. Then i worked my tush off at the gym for 90 minutes before work. 

Just gonna put it out there - I LOVE MY JOB!!! 

So that more or less brings me to where I am now. It kind of feels like a Saturday today as I know this is my last day at work this week. I can't wait for tomorrow to get home. 
My sister text me yesterday saying my 5 year old niece asked her "how many sleep's until Uncle Mark comes home?" -  and I'm delighted to say that it is now only ONE SLEEP!!!

So tomorrow morning Uncle Mark will be getting one of the first trains home to Wales loaded up with easter eggs and treats and way too much love to go give to my family and then in the afternoon I'll collect my eldest niece from school as a surprise to her -  then we're having Christmas dinner! Yup - I asked my mum if we can have the amazing meal we had at Christmas if I pay for the massive turkey….and so tomorrow evening were having a family meal for 15!!! Amazing!

Right then - this is getting to be a bloody long one - especially considering I've written it a day earlier than usual - so on that note, I'm off into the building for two performances of "The Most Popular Show In London" - Sh-boom!!!

Tweeting might be difficult from the sticks this weekend but i'll do what I can.

Love your lives folks.





Thursday, 7 April 2011

BLOG 38 - Bloomin' greedy bugger I am!!!

Morning Everyone,

Happy Thursday - and what a glorious day it is! Amazing sunshine - well in London anyway, I apologise if it's miserable where you are!

So what's new?

I'm sat in my lounge with the windows wide open having just done an abdominal work out and had my breakfast! Enough to put anyone in a good mood I think ha.

I feel my age is getting the better of me when I try and think back a week now and remember what I did last Thursday. Time goes so quickly, but then last week seems like it was ages ago - that's why I'm glad I write this blog as it's a way for me to document what I'm up to instead of just letting life pass me by. You should try it for yourselves!!!

So after the show last Thursday I headed home to get a good night's sleep as I had a photo shoot on Friday for YOU magazine which is in The Mail On Sunday and will be published sometime in May I'm told - in a feature about 'the upcoming stars of the future' focussing on six male actors etc etc etc. So I woke on Friday and did a quick 100 lengths of the pool before heading to make myself look more alive than dead before meeting the photographer. The shoot was done by a lovely photographer who took some very nice shots in the auditorium of the Apollo Victoria theatre and in my dressing room and then I had a good 45 minute chat with the girl writing the feature which was fun. I think its only when I actually chat to people like that who don't know me at all and ask me questions, that I realise whilst answering just how many things I juggle in my day to day life. Some of my friends call me 'The hardest working man in show-business' haha - and i realise when I chat about it just how manic it can sometimes get! Great though because I like variety and would get bored just doing one thing!

After the show on Friday I was pretty tired so headed home to have a nice cuppa and headed to bed. Saturday I went to work for the two shows feeling ready for the day off the next day. It was fun on Saturday. I really enjoy the weekend shows. Saturday night after the show we had a few drinks in the pub next door then I headed into central London to meet Haley my friend as I was staying with her as her flat mates were away. We had a lovely catch up over carrot and walnut cupcakes at 2am before heading to bed. Ha.

Sunday was a busy day for me but a really enjoyable one. I had a chill out morning and some breakfast with Haley - which consisted of toast, made from gluten free and wheat free bread with soya butter - which I kinda described as 'Bread Free' - what's the point in having bread without the breadiness??? Ha.
I then went to meet some friends for lunch in Piccadilly before watching a new show at the Jermyn Street Theatre (where i worked a few years back in the show 'Jet Set Go') called The Kissing Dance - when I say new I mean an adaptation of an old musical. It was really enjoyable. Very witty, good cast and my friend Tim Jackson was the choreographer and i thought he did a wonderful job - He is actually one of the west end artistes I've got teaching for me on my summer school West End In Wales this summer - which is really exciting because he's brilliant - by the way if you know of anyone aged 10-18 who would be interested in working alongside myself, Tim and a couple of other west end performers in a week long musical theatre summer school then point them in the direction of for more information.

After watching the show on Sunday, I had to quickly dash over to freedom bar in Soho where i was the last guest of the day on the final live broadcast of the series of the Jonny and Phill show for Radio Jiblets. I was laughing because the show actually aired at 4pm but I was obviously still in the theatre and wasn't due to arrive until 6.30pm before the show came off the air at 7pm - Well my Twitter feed was going crazy during the afternoon with people monitoring my progress between the theatre and the radio venue "radio-jiblets he's on his way guys"………"Mark Evans has left the theatre and his heading across London to do the radio interview"………."He'll be with you shortly chaps"- I felt like Anneka Rice in treasure hunt (kind of liked it! ha) - 
I just randomly decided to YouTube Anneka Rice after writing that, to remind myself of that programme so take a look at this clip incase you don't know who or what I'm talking about and imagine me dressed in that orange boiler suit running across London shouting unnecessarily at everyone I see trying to find Radio Jiblets!

"WHERE'S THE DRUM"…Crazy woman!

Anyway, the radio interview was really fun and can be heard if you go on itunes and just search Radio Jiblets in the podcast section and you can listen for free. The whole programme is fun but if you wanna hear my bit it'll be in the last half hour. Let me know what you think.
During the interview, I hadn't realised just how much Chris Clegg who was there from M magazine had been topping up my glass of wine that he'd given me - I think i had about three glasses in 20 minutes - naughty boy! Ha. Not that I was complaining.
After the interview I met my friend and we were hungry so went for dinner to Balans restaurant in Soho which serves amazing food practically 24 hours a day! Then we went to a members bar for wine and cheese and then I went home and ate lots of biscuits! I know that most of you have been reading my blog regularly for some time now which I love, so you will know that i am a healthy eating guy on the whole who exercises a lot - WELL…..imagine how my body hated me on Sunday then when I decided to shovel in all of the following….

2 x Toast with M&S strawberry jam (Yup….not just any strawberry jam….it was M&S strawberry jam)
1X Huge salad in Wagamamas & 4 chicken dumplings
1 x muffin in costa coffee
1/2 pack of cadburys chocolate peanuts (during the show)
1/2 pack of cadburys caramel nibbles (during the show…yes the same show)
1 X Lamb and veg pie & mash AND a side order of fries with Mayo
1/2 platter of cheese and biscuits 
1 x entire pack (apart from 4) of milk chocolate digestives
All of the above casually washed down with tea, Rose wine, white wine and a cocktail and a half (pornstar martinis)

Isn't that disgusting! No discipline at all on Sunday - Gillian Mckeith would faint reading this - or at least pretend to! An amazing day of happy catching up with friends though so I didn't care.

However I woke on Monday feeling bloated and horrible so since then I have been on a detox….I feel recovered now.

Monday morning I did end up back in that same Balans restaurant for a meeting but only had fruit and yoghurt ha. It was a very productive meeting, which again consisted of me having to talk about myself for a long time which I'm bored of now…….he says…. a good few hundred words into a blog about himself- But what i mean is, I get bored of talking about 'the development in my career' with people, I just think 'yeah yeah yeah, whatever that's just work, let's enjoy life' but anyway there's some good things on their way me thinks!!! 

Lots of preparation happening with my album too and within the next few weeks I'm going to be releasing more and more information on it to you so watch this space!!!

Monday afternoon I worked really hard at the gym - so much so, I had zero personality at the theatre haha. 

I had some friends watching the show on Monday night though which was nice so saw them briefly afterwards then headed home for a good nights sleep.

Tuesday I did a big food shop so I had no excuse but to only eat the healthy food in my kitchen, then met a dear friend of mine for lunch which was lovely. Then I had a meeting with my agent before 100 lengths of the pool - I know what your thinking and yes, keeping count is boring but it gives me a sense of achievement when I leave. OCD!!!!!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I let myself have a chill out morning with Phillip and Holly (This Morning) before heading to work for two shows - and in the first one, I was singing my first number dancing through life and where I'm suppose to casually spring onto a statue I missed and stacked in on the floor - yup that's right, cool guy Fiyero, fell over! But I really didn't care because Fiyero wouldn't care - I just thought, so what, I fell over, it happens!!! 

Then after last night's show I met a couple of friends from Oklahoma! for a drink in central London before heading home to my bed.

And that my friends brings us up to today! A day in which I was tempted to belt out 'Oh What A Beautiful Morning' as I looked out the window, but to be honest i'm just not that theatrical.

Couple of parish notices…

I am duetting with the wonderful Jon Robyns on his debut album Open Book soon which is available to pre-order now - follow the link below. Jon was the original Rod/Princeton in the West End cast of the hilarious hit show Avenue Q and has played both Marius and Enjolras in Les Miserables. The album will also feature a duet with Gina Beck who was in The Kissing Dance I saw on Sunday and trust me - the CD is worth buying for her voice alone - beautiful! Gonna be a good album!

Also…I need your help….I have been challenged by a friend that by the end of this year (2011) I must get to 10,000 followers on Twitter. I have no idea how I'll do it but you all know me, I'm determined so please help if you can to prove him wrong and get your friends to follow.
I have decided that soon I'm going to be doing more on Twitter instead of just tweeting, I'll be running competitions etc. Love hearing from you all and thanks for getting in touch. I am getting through the replies of the fantail at the theatre pretty quickly now so if you ain't heard back yet you will soon :)

Anyway, I have a bazillion things to get on with so I bid you all farewell. Thanks for reading.

Next week I'm heading home to Wales on Thursday - Monday, which probably means I'll try and fit in my blog on Wednesday while I have internet - 'cause there ain't none at my parents farm!!!

Thanks for reading- 

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