Thursday, 24 February 2011

BLOG 32!!! Showbiz parties!!!

Hi Everyone,

How are you all? Well and happy I hope!!!

Where has this week gone eh? It only seems like two minutes since I was typing last weeks blog in my flat with my Mum and Sister!
Last night I lay in bed and suddenly realised, oh wow it's blog day tomorrow! So this week's edition is coming to you from my dressing room at the Apollo Victoria theatre having just finished what I do in the first act of the matinee and now I have a bit of time to chill before act 2!

So this time last week was all about the few hours leading up to our media night! I had a great time! My mum, sis and I got a car to the theatre in plenty of time to grab some food before the show and so that they could have a couple of glasses of wine to make them feel more  confident among the 'celebs' haha! My mum only needs to sniff a glass of wine and she starts acting a bit looney - she doesn't drink much at all! Ha.
When the car pulled up outside the theatre my mum got the camera out straight away to do the typical mum thing of "Mark stand there so I can get a picture of you standing next to the picture of you outside the theatre" - There's a big Fiyero shot of me outside the front and of course they loved it and couldn't get enough - it then evolved into tourists who didn't have a bloody clue who I was stopping to take pictures too - just because that's what tourists do I suppose!

So there were more cards and gifts and flowers and champagne bottles in my dressing room when i arrived for which I am very grateful to the people who bought them for me.

Before the show I had to have a quick 10 minutes by myself to just focus on what the night was about and remind myself not to be nervous but to see it as a celebration of the hard work that's gone into developing my career so far…which ended up making me nice and calm for the show and it was definitely one of the highlights of my performing career so far.

The audience were great and although we had to wait a few minutes for Vanilla Ice to finish his drink and get himself into the auditorium before BOTH acts it was a very successful show! :-)

Then came the party!!! I was, if I'm honest expecting to not really enjoy the party as these showbiz gatherings after a performance can sometimes be too overcrowded and very impersonal and you end up getting stuck talking to someone you really don't want to talk to - however, that party that the Wicked management provided that night was incredible! A great atmosphere and I hadn't realised that there were quite a few friends of mine in watching so it was lovely to chat with old pals! 
Nearly the entire gang from Dancing On Ice were there who seemed to really enjoy the show, and it was great to see my friend Laura Hamilton who's in the competition - (please keep voting her in cos she so deserves to be in the final!!!) -  My mum has since said that she has a picture of me with Denise Welsh and I am holding a battered prawn in my hand! I distinctly remember chatting to her for a good 5 minutes holding that prawn the entire time! 

So anyway, after a very good night, my Mum, Sis and one of my best friends Wayne headed back to my flat for tea, toast and pasta (random but I was trying to sober them up with stodgy foods!) Then I ended up sleeping on the sofa and I think i must have had a maximum of 3 and a half hours sleep because sofas are not good for men who are 6ft 2, so Friday seemed a long day!

I took a very hung over mum and sis to Euston by 11am and bid them farewell - my mum cried but i think it was more because her head was feeling a little delicate than feeling sad saying goodbye to me! Hate saying goodbye to them though! Rubbish! But I was thrilled they had been able to make it here to share the night with me and in return it made it even more special for me!

So then I chilled out with a friend before meeting my agent (who had also been at the media night) for a lovely late lunch and we had a good old catch up and put the world to rights and basically planned a lot of what i'm going to be doing this year - it's going to be busy!!!

Then it was nice to get to the show on Friday and feel "now this is our show and it's settled in and I am excited looking onwards to the next 10 months"!

Slept well Friday night before waking for 2 shows Saturday - I was heading to the theatre and missed my connecting train (yet again) because i was so into reading my book. What a plonka!

Saturday night came and we were all planning on heading out to a nice bar in west London for one of the guys birthdays, and I was up for it all day until it got to the interval of the second show and I decided I was way too tired so went home to bed instead! Grandad!!!

Sunday I met my gorgeous friend Haley (my Janet from the Rocky Horror Show), who happened to look even more gorgeous than usual on Sunday because we were both spruced up for the 'What's On Stage.Com awards' at the prince of wales theatre! These awards are very important to theatre professionals as they are the only ones that are voted for online purely by the viewing public who support so much theatre! I was very proud to take to the stage with Rachel Tucker (Elphaba in the show) to accept the award for Best West End Show on behalf of every single person who works so hard on Wicked (It's the second year running that Wicked has won this award!) So thanks very much to every one who voted - we're always so grateful for the support which floods in to this theatre and to the show and are sincerely grateful to you for taking the time to vote! Rachel also won the award for 'Best Take Over In A Roll' which she so unbelievably deserves! Incredible talent and she made a lovely speech too!

Then there were drinks provided and it was again nice to see to some familiar faces who I'd not seen for a while since being on tour.

I headed home and thought "I'm not used to the showbiz parties!" and headed straight to bed!

Monday I had my second date with the bank manager (haha- not really a date, but she was offering me relationship advice last week so I talk about her as if she's my new love interest) - I'm seeing her again next Tuesday, How exciting - it could be love!

Tuesday I had a rehearsal for the gig i'm doing this Sunday at the New Player's Theatre in London - which will be showcasing the music of Bobby Cronin who is an incredible composer from New York! There are 19 west end performers lined up to perform and judging from the rehearsal - it's going to be incredible! So if you haven't booked your tickets yet - get onto it as there's not many left! 
I'll post the link to my Facebook fan page!

Yesterday I met with a friend before the matinee for brunch! It's soooooo good to be able to see friends when ever I want now that I'm around all the time! Good times!

So that brings us to today I believe! As it is half term for the schools everywhere we have an extra midweek matinee which is why I am typing this from work! It's so mind-boggling where all the people come from to fill this theatre nightly - this auditorium holds nearly 2500 and it's so busy all the time! Amazing!

Anyway, I'm off on stage again in a few minutes so I hope you enjoyed this edition of my blog and I shall indeed be writing as always in a weeks time!

Again thanks to all of you who send messages, cards, gifts to the theatre and messages online! You're all amazing! I popped into a photographic reproduction centre today to order some photos to sign and send as replies to anyone who writes to me! So if you want a signed picture make sure you include a stamped address envelope and I'll send you one as soon as I can!

Keep loving life everyone - cos it's all good!

Til next time….Sh-boom!!!


PS No time to proof read this today as I'm heading on stage so I hope it makes sense and there are not too many spelling and grammar mistakes - I am getting really quick with my typing now! Hurrah!!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

BLOG 31!!!! Settled in the land of green!!!

Hi Everyone,

How are you all? Good I hope. I am sat in my lounge with my Mum and my Sister. We're all just chilling out because they've had a long journey down here this morning and they're watching Wicked tonight as it's MEDIA NIGHT!!! Which basically means that everyone involved in the show invites a couple of guests who come and watch along with many invited VIP's who are in the media or public eye, be it T.V, Radio, Press, etc and then there is a big old reception and party afterwards where everyone will look wonderfully glamourous and will hopefully have a great time!
It is very important to me that I have my family at events like this whenever possible so that they can experience the true 'showbiz' sides of this crazy industry that i'm a part of because they are the first people who hear about any moaning or groaning I have to get off my chest! So I'm looking forward to tonight and sharing it with Mum and Sis!

So my first week in Wicked ended well last week. It is great to have the opportunity to really settle into a role like this, and have complete trust to experiment with character ideas! Working opposite Louise and Rachel makes this job even more of a pleasure - so wonderful to act with and it's been great getting to know them even more since opening in the show!

I have been trying to get as much gym in as possible this week but it's not as easy as when you have a pool and leisure centre as part of your complex like I did in Cardiff- but I wouldn't swap it for anything. I love being back in my flat! It's brilliant.

Friday I went to watch 'The King's Speech' and thought it was brilliant. Amazing performances all round. Colin Firth was fantastic and definitely deserved the BAFTA for the role he played!
However, the screening my friend and I watched was for deaf or hard of hearing people as it had subtitles throughout - we weren't made aware of this before watching the film so we found it hard not to keep reading the words on the screen, and between two hours of reading the subtitles and the rather calm feel that the film has in general - it resulted in my friend dropping off to sleep and both of us feeling very tired afterwards but, it is a very good film and is highly recommended!

Saturday night, a few of us in the show decided to celebrate a good first week and go out for a few drinks and we had a great night! It was lovely to get to know my 'new friends' better and to spend the evening laughing, dancing and generally having a good time. It was a late night which I actually think has helped change my body clock to working nights again - having been waking at 5am every day to film 'Marcaroni' in Cardiff I have found it much more difficult than I anticipated getting used to late nights! I'm just like an old man really!!! Cup of tea and early bed would do me fine! ha. So anyway - Saturday was great!!!

Now that I'm back in London I just walk everywhere I can just to appreciate being back in the big smoke. So Sunday I woke up, feeling a little tired and had a slight champagne head on me so I decided to jump in the shower, step out of my front door and just walk wherever I fancied walking! It was amazing - I called friends to chat while I was walking and ended up in lovely East Dulwich looking round antique furniture shops and gift shops, card shops and little cafes. I sat in Cafe Nero to read a chapter of my book 'One Day' by David Nicholls which I'm loving reading at the moment (full report when I complete the book!) and I looked up and noticed Orlando Bloom was sat in there writing! I had to do a double take to make sure it was him, and the only reason I think it might not have been was the thought 'what would he be doing in Cafe Nero in Dulwich?' - but i took a sneaky picture just to prove it was him (or his exact look-a-like). Orlando Bloom is the only person I get told I look like which is the reason I thought it was so random that I happened to see him! There was no chance of me looking like him on Sunday though as I was dressed like a geek!
I often find that whatever role I'm playing at the time, whenever I have a day off, I try to look as unlike that character as possible - so, as Fiyero is described as this handsome 'winkified' prince, on sunday I was sporting thick rimmed glasses a big old wooly jumper and the messiest hair ever - loved it!

Then Sunday evening, I chilled out with nice food, and watched our amazing Elphaba, Rachel Tucker perform the song 'Defying Gravity' from Wicked on Dancing On Ice - I know that the majority of you reading this who are UK based will have probably seen it - wasn't she amazing! She really enjoyed it too!

So Monday was Valentine's day wasn't it eh?!?!?!? How do we feel about this?
I had a lovely day. I had a meeting with my bank manager who ended up offering me relationship advice (thanks but no thanks). Then the producers of Wicked took me for a lovely meal at the Ivy which was great - we were laughing at the fact that I had been taken to this wonderful restaurant on valentines my bosses!!!! Haha!
In the evening, there were about 11 of us in the show who are single, who decided to go out for a singletons meal! It was a great laugh.
Valentine's day can be very romantic if you're in a relationship and can be lovely but it's extremely commercial isn't it!?? I am such a romantic at heart but I'd much rather express my feelings to the person I'm involved with whenever it feels appropriate as oppose to feeling I have to buy a card from or buy a dozen roses from the local florist on Feb 14th just 'cause it's the done thing!
Probably just a cliche single person's view I suppose. Ha! Don't get me wrong -  I actually quite enjoy being single!!!

Tuesday I went for a swim and then met up with a friend before the show. I stayed at my best friend's house on Tuesday evening and then we went for brunch on Wednesday morning which was lovely!

In between shows yesterday, I had a meeting with my friend Nathan who does a lot of work on my summer school West End In Wales ( which was productive.
I have decided that in my blog I'm basically not going to talk about all the boring paper work stuff that I have to do and any admin side to my life because it's dull really isn't it?! But basically just so you know- my life, around the stuff I write about in my blog, consists of emailing, paperwork, more emails, business phone calls, meetings and then a few more emails! Nothing worth writing about!

So my mum and sister are looking glamorous and are ready to go more or less as I have a car picking us up in about half an hour (because my mum doesn't want to walk in her heels - she's a farmer's wife remember! ha) so I'm gonna sign off now, get my suit ready for tonight and head to the bright lights of London Victoria (which is basically a busy train station/road junction in London with Wicked and Billy Elliot trying to make it look a little more West End than it is, haha)

Love your lives folks, and to all of you who have been getting in touch on facebook and twitter I love hearing from you and thanks for your messages and tweets and a particular thanks goes to each and everyone of you who have been sending letters, cards and fan mail to the stage door of the Apollo Victoria theatre! Your time and effort and kind words mean so much and it's great to have such support!

Til next week - Hwyl Fawr (Welsh for Farewell)



Thursday, 10 February 2011


Hi everyone,

Happy Thursday! Hope you're all well.

I don't really know where to start this week - so much has happened! Erm...well I'll start by saying how happy I am that I am sat in my flat in London writing this! I bought this place over two years ago and have probably been here for about 9 months of that, consisting of random weeks and weekends here and there, so to be here and know I'm not going anywhere for the rest of the year is AMAZING!!! Sh-boom!!!

So I blogged last Thursday and we were a day away from finishing 'Marcaroni'! So we did actually complete all 52 episodes and 52 dance routines by the Thursday afternoon, leaving just enough time on Friday to fit in an English pilot version of the programme which can be pitched to other TV companies world wide.

Thursday night, was our planned 'Eden' night (pronounced the Welsh way, with an 'Eh' not 'Ee' - Eden!)
Basically, Non, who I was working with was the lead singer of a hugely successful Welsh girl band consisting of 3 girls, Non, Rachel & Emma and they released some great tunes fair play (written by Caryl Parry Jones who wrote 'Marcaroni') and really broke the mould within the Welsh music industry. So one day on set, Non decided to teach me the choreography to their biggest hit 'Paid A Bod Ofn' (Don't Be Afraid) - It was Kim Gavin's choreography (Take That's choreographer) and it was brilliant - so 90's, and we were laughing so hard at the fact that I had learnt it randomly, that we decided 'O.K- before this shoot comes to an end we need an 'Eden' night where we can reminisce over what a great time they had and celebrate the pop group by watching DVD's of them' - which is what we did last Thursday. The other band member Rachel headed over to our apartments in Cardiff Bay and brought a load of footage of the girls with her. Funny night! Good times!

So Friday... I had my last swim in the complex pool - as those of you who are 'early  birds' on Twitter will know, I woke at 5am every day during filming to go for a run or swim before work. So I swam for the last time there on Friday morning! Then headed to work to film the English pilot - I'm not gonna lie, it was kinda weird - when you've filmed as many as 52 episodes and created and developed a character in one language to then have to do it in another language was bizarre! I had to really alter the character to get the quirkiness across and played him a bit older and wiser in English - not sure why it needed that, but we all agreed the writing suggested it! Love things like that though - a good challenge does an actor the world of good!
So then we finished. Non and I had lunch and did some shopping in Cardiff before heading out to the WRAP party - and for those of you who don't know, WRAP - as in "That's a wrap folks" stands for 'Wind Reel And Print! Always said at the end of a shoot. I found that out whilst filming in Bulgaria a couple of years back! You learn something new every day.
The party was great! Nice buffet, free car (that was a typing error - should have said free bar, but thought I'd leave it as it sounds amazing "yes daaaarling, we all got a free car at the end of the shoot yah yah yah" haha) and a private room so we could enjoy each-other's company and dance like fools without feeling embarrassed! Ha!
Then I had my trusty driver, Tony - remember me mentioning him in previous blogs?- He's the one who was driving me around during all the extra 'Marcaroni' work I had to fit in around 'Oklahoma!'. Lovely guy, and I was very grateful to him for driving me back to London after the party. We left at 10.45pm and arrived my flat at about 2.30am and then he was driving straight back to Cardiff! Rather him than me!
So that was the end of a very special chapter of my life and career! 'Marcaroni' is due to be broadcast around May time on S4C. I had a great time, learnt a lot, laughed a lot, and treasured a lot of fond memories! So long Marcaroni!

Now, on the journey into London with Tony Friday night, we drove past WICKED (the Apollo Victoria theatre) - which was a real "and now on to your next adventure" moment for me! I had butterflies!

Saturday I settled back into my flat (HURRAY!!!!!!) which involved going to Sainsburys and spending a bloomin' fortune, just because I wanted all my cupboards to be full to celebrate being home again for good! I also bought the little opening night gifts I decided to get for the company - a green bottle of white wine for the boys (Elphaba), a pink bottle of Rose wine for the girls (Glinda), and a pack of
Ferrero Rocher for everyone - but of course Monday night they were pronounced 'Fiyero Rocher' - I know, you don't have to say it, I am a genius! (Or just a big geek really)
The rest of Saturday I just worked my way through Wicked script and songs in my flat and any notes I'd been given regarding the role of Fiyero (Fiyero Tigelar - not Fiyero Rocher) and wrote the cards and prepared the gifts, which for nearly 40 people takes a long time!

Sunday was the first day of filming for the documentary that is being made about me this year for S4C! They arrived at my flat and did some filming here, we then headed into central London (getting a public announcement through the speakers at London Bridge station on the way - "Please put the camera away and stop filming immediately!" I pretended I wasn't with the crew and just got on a train - ha! - They did have a permit to film though!)
We then went and sat on a boat on the Thames - one of those ones that are permanently docked, opposite the London Eye. I was sat being interview on the deck of this boat for about and hour an a half in that horrible wind we had - I was chilly to say the least! But we got some good footage. They then headed back to my flat for more filming and then left me to have my evening to get a good rest and concentrate on the important day ahead of me on Monday!

So I woke in the morning feeling geared up for a great day. (I lay in bed Monday morning thinking 'when I lay here tonight I will have performed my first show! Crazy') The camera crew arrived at 8.30am to film me eating breakfast etc "So Mark, how are you feeling?" - "Erm, like an idiot, talking on camera with Special K Red Berries stuck in my teeth!!!"
We then got a car to the theatre, chatting on camera all the way, arriving about an hour before I was needed to do anything so I settled into the dressing room and we filmed bits and pieces outside!
Then the whole company warmed up in the theatre foyer and the atmosphere was amazing! So positive, so fresh and really inspiring! I knew then that it was going to be a good day!
The dress rehearsal went really well! It's harder for the ensemble because they have so many more costume changes than I do - but everything went swimmingly!

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who sent in gifts or cards to me for the opening night (or any other show this week) - my dressing room is filling up with really thoughtful gifts and flowers and cards and pictures! It makes my day to get things like that and I always find a place for them in my dressing room! It's gonna look like the art gallery of Tony Hart soon!
But seriously, thank you! The Support for Wicked is incredible! Oo, forgot to mention, as we drove past the theatre on that Friday night about 1.30am - a number of fans were camping outside the box office in the terrible wind so that they could be first in line for the front row tickets for the last show of the previous cast (the tickets for the front row don't get released each day until the that morning and they are discounted at about half price!) Hard core fans there!!!

The opening night was incredible! I personally felt like it was what I have been working so hard for since I graduated from training over 5 years ago! I have learnt so much by doing different jobs, working with different people and experiencing various things in my life that I really feel I have plenty to offer this wonderful role and it felt great to be up there doing it on Monday! Then the realisation that I get to do it again the next day, and the next day and for the rest of this year is amazing! Time is going to go so quickly but I shall treasure every single moment! Particularly working opposite Rachel Tucker and Louise Dearman! Extraordinary talent, and great to act opposite! Good times!

So yes since Monday it has just been a case of settling into the show and getting to know my fellow company members! It was good to do two yesterday! Feel it's really settling in now!

Which brings us to today I woke, feeling very happy! I know that all of you who are faithful readers of my blog understand that I work very hard and am a very positive person, but today I feel like there's really not a care in the world, and this feeling doesn't ever last long, does it!?! - without something coming in to try and take it away (a large tax bill for example haha) so I would like to say I am passing this positivity and these good vibes to you, via my blog, and thank you for supporting and for taking the time to follow my blog! Hope you enjoy it!
Oh by the way - if you didn't read this article please do! I am touched, the way it's been written I think is lovely. I usually find that journalists primarily just use facts and quotes but Matt Thomas here has inserted his own thoughts and opinions  - including what he thinks of my blog too! I like it - have a read!

Right then, I think that's long enough eh?!?!?! Haha! They won't always be this long, it's been a busy week!

Keep smiling, stay happy and get in touch - Twitter MarkHEvans.



Thursday, 3 February 2011

Blog 29!!! The run up to Wicked!!!

Hi Everyone

Happy Thursday.

So I am writing this edition of my blog from the Marcaroni studio for the last time! I have been working on this programme off and on since September between recording the songs and since early December for 7 weeks filming! We completed all the Welsh episodes today, scene work and dance routines- all 52 of them which is such a huge achievement! Tomorrow we are filming an English episode which will be used as a pilot to pitch the idea to TV companies all over the world! I am very much looking forward to the reaction of the public when it aires for the first time, which at this point is scheduled for April!

So since I last blogged, it has, of course been pretty manic in the life of Evans!  Haha!

Once I finished work on Friday I headed back to London! It was lovely to be in my flat. I sorted out lots of paperwork and boring bills etc but also rehearsed Wicked which was great! I then had a photo shoot for M magazine - a new online musical theatre magazine which I think is brilliant. It was great fun. The pictures were all really editorial in their style and some were (cough cough)… in minimal clothing - all in the very best of taste of course. Ha! I'm just glad I've been grafting in the gym this month! I shall of course post a link to the issue that my interview will be featured in for you to see which will be in the next week or two but for now take a look at the magazine anyway and spread the word about it as it's a really fresh, current and humorous look at all things musical theatre. Projects like this, which have been devised and launched by young ambitious people within the entertainment industry should be supported so that they are not pushed to one side by the more powerful companies that already exist!!! Please spread the word!

Here's the link to the last issue of the magazine -

Once I finished the photo shoot and interview I hopped an a train to head straight back to Cardiff as I was working early Sunday morning! We had 18 dance routines to learn on Sunday which we somehow managed to do by 4pm. So I decided to go for a leisurely swim of 100 lengths haha. 
Then Sunday evening, Non, who i'm working with at the moment, and I went for a cheeky cocktail at TGI Fridays before heading to the cinema to watch 'Blue Valentine' starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. 
I really enjoyed it. The writing was very different and very natural and I admire writers who are brave enough to write such natural conversational dialogue for the actors-you'll know what I mean if you've seen it. Then when you have two actors who are as phenomenally talented as these two you can't not be impressed by the emotional effect it has on you. It is definitely worth seeing for their performances alone - I thought it was a very accurate portrayal of how difficult life can be within a marriage and parenthood - obviously within my limited knowledge, not being married or a parent but it really made me think about how long term relationships between two people have to contain such love, compromise and understanding to last a lifetime and continue to be a happy!
So yes, it is possibly a bit of a Marmite film, but love it or hate it, it will definitely be a good topic of conversation afterwards which makes it definitely worth seeing!

Monday  and Tuesday this week were hard work in the studio. We were under a lot of pressure to finish 5 episodes in two days and when it gets to the end of any job your brain and body automatically start to wind down and so it took a lot of self motivation to find the energy to maintain the spritely-ness of these characters! But we did it and I am so happy with the results from what we've seen of the rough edits of the programme! All in all it has been a fantastic experience and I have learned so much by doing it, which is always one of the main reasons I take on any work - to broaden my knowledge of myself as a person and to keep at the top of my game as a professional! 

Tuesday night this week I had a meeting with the head of the record label who are producing my album. I will be in the studio in April to get it all recorded so there is enough time to perfect things before a release in the summer of this year. I am so excited about this. I love studio work anyway, but for it to be my own debut album which I've wanted to do for years and have invested so much hard work and time into already, just makes it more special. 
It's going to be bi-lingual - 6 English tracks and 6 Welsh tracks and since my meeting on Tuesday, 11 of those tracks have been agreed so there is just one to decide on and providing we get the rights to all the desired music we'll be sorted! John Quirke who is my musical director is wonderful and I am looking forward to getting in the studio to start working on the band tracks and orchestrating the songs with him.

I had another meeting yesterday about a pilot for my own Welsh radio programme which will be recorded in March which will be great! Love trying new things and hosting my own radio programme will be something I've never done before and I look forward to yet another challenge!
It has also been confirmed that from this weekend until late this year I shall be followed regularly by a TV crew as the Welsh channel S4C are doing a documentary on me and what it's like juggling life in the west end along with doing my album and running my summer school - West End In Wales!
West End in Wales is now officially launched for this year - it's going to be the best ever summer school to celebrate the 5th anniversary so if you want more information, visit
So this year is shaping up to be so busy but i am so excited about it all and very grateful that things are all coming together so nicely.

My focus and priority for this year obviously is Wicked. I have wanted to play this role for a long time and the thought of opening on monday is just amazing! It's going to be a great year back in the land of green! I have had a large amount of you asking me, between Twitter and Facebook where to send opening night cards/gifts to etc. I obviously don't expect you to spend your money on me but if you want to send anything to myself or the rest of the cast it should be sent to the stage door of the Apollo Victoria theatre in London.
I did an interview for a newspaper yesterday and was asked what it's like to have fans and  such great support. I said, I never thought when I was training that I would ever be in a position in my career to have any sort of following and that anyone would be interested in what I'm doing really, but the fact that I now have a group of loyal people who are so very supportive in everything i do is overwhelming really. So without harping on about it - please know that I am very grateful to you all, as I've said before, for your time and effort in supporting what I do, and I hope that with everything that is going on this year for me work wise you'll enjoy following it all and take pleasure from me writing about it and keeping you updated in my blogs!

Anyway, I could keep typing for hours but sadly, I barely have another minute! The only one other thing I want to announce is that my new look website which I'm so pleased with will be launched this coming Monday (feb 7th) to coincide with my return to OZ!!!

The next blog I write will be within my first week in Wicked! So…. I bid you all a farewell from the wonderfully quirky, happy chappy that is Marcaroni!!! No more vibrant neoprene clothing for me from now on!!!

Keep in touch folks, and stay happy because life is short and very precioust!!!