Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blog 93! Steps, Hens & Lots Of Rides!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday!

Hope you've all had a really great week. Mine has been good 'cause for half of it I was not working! Woop woop!

So the last time I blogged i mentioned my plans for last Thursday were to head into town for a few bits and bobs and then watch one of my best friends in Matilda the musical. Well unfortunately my friend was signed off with a sinus infection and was not able to perform so I didn't end up going and am still yet to see the show. However I decided to just have a really chilled out day so I went for a swim and a steam and then had a men's facial at the spa in my gym which was amazing (and made me look 10 years younger!) - Then I read some more of my second book in The Hunger Games trilogy whilst eating some nice dinner and then booked myself in for a foot therapy for tired feet and legs in the Thai Square Spa in Covent garden which was amazing. It was 75 minutes of a guy with demon hands working on my feet, legs, hands, arms, shoulders and head and then did some thai stretching to end the session. I came out feeling like a new person and like he had pressed a reboot button for my body! Perfect!

I then lay in their relax lounge on one of their loungers and read another chapter of my book whilst drinking some herbal concoction that he gave me. It was amazing.

That evening I went to the cinema to watch 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' which I thought was great. Really funny and a great message about making the most of your life. I left feeling moved by the story and performances and inspired by the actors. I highly recommend it!
I then had a couple of drinks with a friend before heading home.

Friday morning I woke relatively early so I could head over to my best friend Sally's house to film a question and answer session with her fiancee whilst she was at the gym - all part of the preparation for the Hen Party I was organising for her for Sunday. She then came home and the two of us went to have a nice lunch in a sushi restaurant and decided to buy a bottle of bubbly to celebrate our friendship and life! We've been best friends for 10 years through thick and thin and I'm so proud and happy for her that she's getting married! 

So drinking at 1pm set the tone for the rest of the day. After a short shopping trip with Sal I headed home to meet my flatmate who had already prepared a large gin and tonic for my arrival (the first of many) and then we both got ready and headed out for dinner and cocktails before meeting some other friends for even more drinks and then at 8.30 headed into the O2 arena to watch STEPS live! It was an amazing night! We were all so merry and stupid acting because of the alcohol and the music blaring and everyone bouncing around and dancing to all of the songs they are best known for. It was really great fun. We then headed back to have drinks with the band and other guests in the bar which was nice and then staggered home! I laughed and laughed and danced and laughed and then laughed a bit more! It was one of the best ways to enjoy a night off work.

Saturday morning I woke and did the finishing touches to all my friends Hen Party preparations and then met a good friend of mine for a stroll around London, dinner and then we watched 'One Man Two Guvnors' at the Haymarket Theatre. Owain Arthur from North Wales who I know is currently playing the lead role, played originally by James Corden and he was superb. It was so great to hear a broad north Welsh accent on a west end stage. It's a great show! VERY FUNNY!!! Go and see it if you want to laugh a lot!

After a good sleep on Saturday night I woke Sunday ready and raring to go full steam ahead with my best friends Hen! We started with 3 hours of a champagne afternoon tea during which I'd organised a few games and fun stuff and then we headed to a cocktail bar before heading back to her parents place where we stayed the night! I was the ONLY GUY with 16 gals….. I managed to survive. It was a lot of fun and the next day we went to Sal's final dress fitting before the wedding (which is in less than 7 weeks!) She looked amazing! I was very proud.

I then headed into town to do a hard 2 hour work out at the gym with my trainer. I'm struggling to type now 'cause my shoulders are still really achey and they twitch every time I press a key on my computer! The things we do eh?!

I had a few friends watching the show on Monday night and I was very happy to be back at work after a change of scenery for 4 days.

Tuesday morning was way too early a wake up call for my liking but I brought it on myself. I'd organised an outing to Thorpe Park for a group of people from the show which meant I had to get up at 7.20am to meet them at the train station to all travel down there together. Although we were all very tired it was the best day we could have gone. The easter holidays had just finished and the weather has been so miserable, which meant that it was really quiet and we barely had to queue for any of the rides. We went on some of them a few times. It was great fun. The only downside at one point was that I was on a ride called 'Stealth' which launches you forward then straight up into the air, arches round a bend then you plummet straight back down again. It was amazing and the first time I went on it I actually felt like I was flying. Then the second time I went on it, during the descent when we were dropping at about 80mph, something hit my in the face. Something had clearly fallen out of someone's pocket and it felt like a wallet or sunglasses case or something, but the other guys who I was with said they saw something fly out of one of the front carriages and then it smacked my on my eye and my nose - So much so that I had a big lump on my eyebrow and it went bright red and my head was throbbing. I laughed it off but thinking about it, that was actually really dangerous! Didn't stop me going on again for a third time later on in the day though! 

By the time we were on our way back into London to go to work we were all absolutely exhausted. We all slept on the train and then I grabbed some food and had an hour's sleep in my dressing room, which meant that it was then extremely difficult to get myself going for the show but I managed to do it and it was a great show. I had my little sidekick from Wicked watching on Tuesday, Ben Stott and it was nice to know that he was in! I miss working with him and seeing him for an interval cup of tea in the dressing room. I think if I had a hot drink at the interval of Ghost I might melt from the inside out - i get very hot during the show because of how busy my track is and all the physical elements of the role! 

I had a long sleep on Tuesday night and then yesterday (Wednesday), once I managed to peel myself out of bed I headed into central London to buy some leaving gifts for my dresser, Holly who was dressing me for the last time last night - I was very sad about this. She was so great to work with and made what can be a tough job sometimes a lot more bearable just by having banter and making me laugh. She will be missed! 
Once I bought her a few things I headed to do a good hour in the gym before hitting the recording studio to do some more recording. I'm nearly done with it all and then I'll be able to let you all know what I've been up to!!!

Then before i did the show last night I was interview for a Welsh TV show call TAG, in which we were chatting all about Ghost and also my company WEST END IN WALES. I have a big announcement about West End In Wales actually. For the past 6 years each August I have held a summer school in North Wales to promote youth theatre and to give people the opportunity to be taught by myself and other west end actors for a whole week - however, this year will be the last ever summer school.
 I will still be holding workshops and doing various things in the area but after this year's course which is held August 13th-18th in St.Asaph the summer school will be no more.
So if you're between 10-18 and interested in a week's professional training then check out for more information and to download your booking form! 

Last night's show was great, the audience were amazing. I really enjoyed it and then headed home to do some work online and then had a sleep which brings me to here and now - laying on my bed typing this and contemplating heading out for breakfast before a two show day!

Thanks for reading as always. I hope you have a great week!

Make the most of everyone and everything because when they're not around you really miss them! That is my quote for this week! 

Keep believing!



Thursday, 19 April 2012

Blog 92!!! And he's off! (for 4 days)

Hey Everyone,

Happy Thursday.

Hope you've had a cracking day. I feel like having champagne with my breakfast today to celebrate the fact that I have three days off work which means I don't have to sing or shout or even move if I don't want to. BRILLIANT!!! Don't get me wrong, as regular readers of my blog you will all know how much I love my job and am full of gratitude but there is only one word to describe how I have felt recently and that's exhausted! It's always the same when you get closer and closer to some time off you want it to come even sooner! So I am heading for a men's express facial and massage just after lunch and then I'm meeting a friend for cocktails all afternoon before heading to watch another friend in Matilda because she took over the role of the teacher Miss Honey on Tuesday night! So I can already tell you that this day is gonna be a great one!

So this week has been an interesting one. Last Thursday matinee I had 48 people in from North Wales watching the show and so I went to meet them afterwards in the auditorium and it was great to see them all and have them all enjoy the show so much. They are so supportive in everything I do! 

Friday I had a great day. I met my friend Caroline in the morning to go and watch The Hunger Games in the cinema which we loved. It obviously didn't have the same amount of amazing detail as the book and I actually much preferred the book, but a film can never be as good in my opinion because there's nothing like using your own imagination to create a world that you can believe in and invest in as much as you do when you read a story. But I felt that the film was a very good adaptation and it kept true to the characters' personalities and all the key parts of the story.

After that we went for lunch and then coffee before I headed into work for a guitar lesson. My teacher and I have been working all the different bar chords - it's killing my brain trying to remember them all and it's also killing my fingers trying to play them all, but I'm past just working on Unchained Melody now - I could probably do it in my sleep without even realising it! Ha.

Saturday I headed into town to meet my ex flatmate Liz and her sister for a quick catch up before the matinee and then had dinner with a friend of mine who works on the bar at our theatre. After the evening show I had a quick drink at the pub with some people from the show before heading back to Callum's house for a pizza. Callum is one of our swings (A swing is a cast member who knows all of the ensemble members' show tracks for when they are sick, injured or on holiday) and he's recently moved to live around the corner from me. We watched The Voice on T.V and then just chatted and laughed a lot! I can tell you, I don't think I've laughed that hard for quite some time. We were just being really stupid and it's one of those things that is only funny if you were there and in on the joke, but I was literally on the floor with stomach cramps from laughing so much. It was good to get it out of my system!

Sunday morning i woke and ran a few errands in my car before having a late lunch and then getting suited and booted to head on down to the Olivier Awards. It was an amazing night. I thought they were organised so well and Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton as the two hosts were fantastic. Really led the show in a laid back, fun, entertaining way and the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden is certainly a perfect venue to host the awards. It's stunning and I had the perfect seat. 5 rows back in the centre of the stalls with the producers and creative team of Ghost! It was a really great night followed by an excellent party (which must have cost an absolute fortune - thank you very much Master Card!) 

It didn't end up being too late a night for me, but I went to bed feeling inspired by all the amazing talent that was present at the awards and also incredibly proud and privileged to be a part of British Theatre and to be working on one of the most exciting new musicals in the West End. Moments like that are very important in an actors life because they reming you of why we are in this tough industry!!!

Monday morning I worked a little on some Hen party preparations for my friends Hen this coming Sunday and then headed into town because I was suppose to record in the recording studio, but Ben who I've been working with had to prioritise something else for the next day so I let him carry on and I went to the gym before spending a really enjoyable afternoon hanging out with a friend around London. Monday night's show was great I had some friends and some family watching and it was lovely to know that it was the first show of a mere 3 show week for me so I really enjoyed it. Afterwards I caught up with my friend Pete who was watching who I have not seen since we both finished working on Oklahoma 18 months ago. We had a good laugh and it was really great to see him again and then I headed home to start reading the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy 'Catching Fire' - of which I have so far read 4 chapters and it is yet to grab me like the first one did but I am going to be patient, seen as though everyone has told me they think it's even better than the first!

Tuesday was a really cool day. I was picked up in the morning and driven to a nice studio in east London to meet Siobhan from the show and a small film crew and a couple of the Ghost management to work on a little project which will all be revealed very soon. It's a cool idea and I think you're all gonna love it! 

After that I just grabbed some food before heading to work to do the show.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I woke nice and early, determined to get most of the preparations for my friend's Hen do sorted so I don't have to worry about it on my time off, which I did, then I headed to the cinema to watch 'The Cabin In The Woods' which was weird but clever and I suppose it was a bit jumpy but not too scary! It's worth a watch if you're interested!

After that I had a couple more errands to run before filming for the BBC in my dressing room for a short piece about people being scammed and ripped off when it comes to trusting agents and producers/casting directors within the entertainment industry. After the show last night I met a friend for a good few drinks and had a good laugh which was the perfect way to start my time off from the show.

Which brings me to today! Happily ready to enjoy some London city life and let my short hair down a little!

Have a great week folks! Keep smiling and keep believing!



Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blog 91!!! A whole lot of Hunger!!!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Thursday.

How you all doing on this fine day? I'm sitting typing this in my flat with a cup of tea and two hot cross buns and I can hear the birds going crazy in my back garden. Kind of a nice way to start the day.

I am looking forward to the show this afternoon because I have about 50 guests coming down on a bus from North Wales, all from my little village Llanrhaeadr. My Mum and Dad and a few other relatives will be in there with them too. Need to make it a good one after they've travelled all this way. I've had a text from them saying they're all enjoying the journey and they've just stopped for breakfast. That's impressive though eh? 4.5 hours each way to see Ghost The Musical. Love them all and am always so grateful to them for their support - they see everything I do! 

So this week has been pretty manic. I feel like I haven't stopped. 

Friday was 'Good Friday' which I decided to make 'Good Advice Day' which meant I was at my laptop for 5 hours posting blogs and videos and such to help aspiring performers get some sort of understanding about this industry and some tips and tricks which is all being hosted on mainly under the 'advice' page. So check it out if you want to have a read/watch/listen.

I then had a head ache from concentrating and typing and staring at a screen for so long (I'm not used to that) so I headed into town for a swim before work to clear my head a little. Friday night's show was hard work,I mean it always is a lot of effort (in a good way) but I just felt really tired and had to reach to the depths to keep the energy going through to the end of the show. I did though of course but was more than happy to get to my bed that night!

Saturday morning I woke and had a steam at the gym before the two shows. My voice didn't want to play at all on Saturday so that involved me pulling out every trick in the book to get it to work, which luckily it did. I feel like I know my voice more than any other part of my body, but then it is also the most unpredictable part of my body and when you play a role that is as vocally demanding as this one I do feel a slight anxiety some mornings as to weather or not  my voice is going to behave that day. Many times it's just mind over matter and when it comes to the evening when it's time to perfume it all works absolutely fine! It's all part of the responsibility of being a leading man and the sacrifices you have to make in your social life to protect the voice and to rest are definitely outweighed by the reward you get from playing such a thrilling role. I love it.

After the matinee I decided I needed to sit somewhere quiet and eat a nice healthy dinner before the last show of the week. So I headed to Wagamamas, ordered a nice ramen soup type dish and opened my new book 'The Hunger Games' (which has taken over my life - but I'll chat more about that in a second). I was literally in there about 4 minutes and then I hear "Hey, Mark, sut wyt ti?" ('Hey Mark, how are you' - in Welsh). It was Owain Arthur who is currently playing the lead role in One Man Two Guvnors at The Haymarket theatre. (The role that James Corden originated and is now playing on Broadway). He is from North Wales and we ended up having a good chat over dinner - so much for keeping quiet. But then I really didn't mind 'cause it's always a pleasure chatting to people from North Wales. Makes me think of home a lot. What's better is the fact that I quite often casually bump into people who I can speak Welsh with in London. Amazing!

I then went to the supermarket to stock up on loads of nice food for my lazy Easter Sunday so that I wouldn't have to leave the house the next day, so after finishing the last show of the week on Saturday night, I headed home, had some nice food and a brew and got straight to bed and watched 'The Voice' on catch up which was great. 

So I woke on Sunday at 11.30 - I hadn't set my alarm and it was absolutely amazing knowing I had had about 10.5 hours sleep. I really needed it. 

I then had a nice breakfast and listened to a radio interview on Radio Cymru (Welsh Radio Wales) that I'd pre-recorded a few months back and then I opened my book and chilled out on my bed reading until I got a little cold so I had a plan - I put on the heating, and whilst the flat warmed up a little I jumped in the bath to read another two chapters - now laying in the bath is something i never do. I don't usually enjoy it and start to feel short of breath etc because of the heat of the water and can literally sit in there about 10 minutes and then I have to get out. But because I really wanted to have a full day of pure relaxation I wanted to let me body soak in some muscle relaxant stuff, so I made sure the water wasn't too hot and I placed a towel at the end to rest my head on and read two chapters of The Hunger Games. 

My god this book is amazing! Loads of people have been telling me for a while how great it is and that the film that has just come out is AMAZING too so I thought, right I'm gonna buy all three books in the trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Well I have been well and truly hooked since the end of the first chapter. I am really enjoying it and it was really great to actually have time just to read for a change instead of it being something I manage to cram into a train journey.

After my bath I just wanted to keep reading, so… the plan continued. I have an oversized armchair in my lounge which is really comfortable (you can fit two on it) so I turned it around to face the window and the radiator that it sits in front of, loaded the window sill with drinks and snacks and literally sat sprawled on the chair in really comfy clothes. I was there from before 2pm through to 9pm - 7 hours of reading, dozing off, snacking and chilling. It was one of the best Sundays in a long time and the time seemed to pass really slowly too which never happens for me!  
By Sunday evening I was half way through the book and decided to stop because a mate of mine was coming round for some nice dinner that I was cooking so we ate and then decided to watch a film. We watched The Adjustment Bureau which has Matt Damon in it. It finished and I couldn't decide whether or not I thought it was good or slightly disappointing. It ends with a bit of an unsatisfying resolve in my opinion. After a whole film of a really great concept I kind of feel like the writer couldn't think of a way to end it so what he decided to do was a real cop out and I felt cheated. So I don't think I'll recommend that one. 

Monday morning my car arrived. I have bought myself a car so that I can use it as a run around near me here in London for when I need to go house hunting as I'm buying a second property soon and also if I need to drive home to North Wales (or anywhere else too obviously) I'll have it sitting outside waiting for me and I won't be restricted to trains and public transport. So I went for a little drive in it and then headed into London to go to the gym and then do some recording work in the studio before heading into the theatre for the show. I am doing lots of work in the studio at the moment but I'm unable to reveal what it is just yet. It's all great though and it will all be announced soon enough. 

After the show on Monday night I of course headed straight home to continue with The Hunger Games. 

Tuesday I woke up and spent most of the day working on things for my best friends Hen Do which is a week on Sunday which I've been organising for a while and then went back to the studio to do some more work and then headed in for the show. 

Yesterday (Wednesday) I carried on working on some hen party stuff before heading into the gym - I was suppose to be in the studio again but didn't want to push things too much vocally so gave myself some 'me time' to run, cycle and swim at the gym. For the first time ever I became one of those people who reads whilst their on the exercise bike. I've never really understood it but it is such a great distraction - by reading The Hunger Games on the bike I burned an extra 230 calories without even realising. Great stuff. I'll probably read the next two books of the trilogy on the exercise bike because I get equaslly as engrossed in it as if I were sat on a comfy chair in a quiet corner of a Starbucks - only instead of munching on a muffin you get rid of your muffin top! 

After the gym I met up with a couple of mates and their families from North Wales which was nice, yet again to speak Welsh in central London. They then watched last night's show and I saw them afterwards for a quick 10 minute hello before heading home to bed, reading a bit more and then getting a good night's sleep. I have one chapter left of the book (which is a good job because I have made plans to go and watch the film version in the cinema tomorrow with a good friend of mine, Caroline) which I'm going to read on the train into town now as I have a meeting before the two shows. 

Have a great day folks and a great week. I fully intend to, so make sure you do too!

Thanks for reading.

Keep believing



Thursday, 5 April 2012

BLOG 90! A Silent Yet Taxing Week!!!

Hey Everyone,

Happy Thursday, Happy Blog day, Happy Good day! (Let's make it a good one!)

I have had a testing week this week but managed to turn it into a rather satisfying week.

Basically after I wrote last week's blog I performed the matinee performance of Ghost and by the end of it my voice was not up to doing another one. It was nothing serious, it's just sometimes with a role as vocally demanding as Sam in Ghost the voice can become weak and slightly over-worked and fatigued, and it's not the sort of role you can play properly unless your voice is in good form so I was unable to do the evening show and went home with a bag full of chocolate and peanut M&M's to drown my sorrows. I hate being off work - for those of you who regularly read my blog, you'll all know that I'm a workaholic which means that when I have to miss work I get very easily frustrated, especially when I feel absolutely fine. The problem is when you have a hoarse voice, is that it means that the vocal chords are slightly inflamed which you can't feel, it's not painful, it's not a visual thing like a bruise or a swollen area - you just sound half human, half barking dog (and that's a dog with laryngitis mind!) So I actually feel like a fraud when I have to miss work 'cause I feel fine - however I also know that the only way to get better is to keep absolutely silent and let the inflammation go down so that the vocal folds are able to meet naturally again without forcing them.

So after a silent night on Thursday I woke on Friday determined to get back to work so I kept quiet until midday started a vocal warm up in the shower (steam helps) then I went for a vocal massage with my physio, and then went for a swim and a steam at the gym before heading in to work. I had to really struggle through the show Friday night which meant I then signed myself off for the weekend to recover. That meant a long old silent Saturday and Sunday. 

So……I decided to be productive whilst being off work and feeling absolutely fine. I did a few bits of DIY I've been trying to get round to for a while and then cleaned the flat from top to bottom. I then did a big food shop before undergoing the daunting and mammoth task of working through all of my accounts and tax information to send off to my accountant.

Being self employed means that you have to do an annual self assessment tax procedure, because we don't get taxed at source when we get paid like you do if you work PAYE (Pay As You Earn). Basically at the end of every tax year I have to provide my accountant with all bank statements, invoices, payslips, phone bills, etc as well as sort through every receipt from anything I've bought through the entire year (yup I keep every single receipt in date order in little envelopes for each month so it's easier to sort them at the end of the year) - By doing this the  accountant can sort through it all so the actor can claim any money back from things we've spent on that go towards our business (which is us, as a product) i.e theatre tickets which class as research or certain clothing for rehearsals etc.

It all sounds complicated and admittedly this is probably a boring topic to write about in a blog but I wanted to just write a little about it as it furthers the information I wrote in my Musical Theatre Blog that was mailed out to everyone on my mailing list let week.

If you missed it - check it out here…..

The blog was sent out on Saturday morning and received an incredible response  -  I'm really delighted that so many people found the information so valuable and that you enjoyed reading it! 

So basically my tax work took me 7 hours on Saturday (with a little break to watch 'The Voice' on T.V which I'll mention shortly!) and then a further 7.5 hours on Sunday too. I enjoy it in a weird way because it's quite nice to do some office work for a change which is obviously so different to performing - however by the time I'd finished I was massively relieved, baring in mind that the end of the tax year is April 5th and I had completed mine by April 2nd (3 days before I should even start it - such a swat!) 
I had to go for a walk to get some air afterwards because I had a throbbing headache from staring at figures and a computer screen for so long. I went for a long walk around my area and then headed home for some nice food and I watched a great film called 'Patagonia' which was written and directed by Marc Evans. It was divided between the Welsh, English and Spanish languages brilliantly with subtitles and it made me feel very patriotic (even more so than usual). I would highly recommend it, beautifully shot images of Patagonia and Wales with great acting and in my opinion a very good script. If you watch it, or have already seen it, let me know what you think on Twitter @MarkHEvans

So as I mentioned earlier, on Saturday night I watched 'The Voice' on BBC1 which I think is a great programme. However what really annoyed me was some of the comments I was reading on some online social media about a few of the people auditioning, mainly musical theatre actress Kerry Ellis who I'm sure most of you know has a list as long as my arm of fantastic leading lady roles in some of the most successful musical ever to be in the West End and on Broadway. 

Yes, Kerry is a hugely successful and well established professional, and the problem a lot of people seemed to have was that she shouldn't be auditioning for something like 'The Voice' having had so much success already. 
Now let me just say this - I am an extremely passionate, ambitious person who works hard and I am always striving to better myself and challenge myself. I can safely say that at no point in my career will I rest on my laurels and be satisfied. In my opinion a successful person in this industry who has longevity to their career is only successful because they never lose the passion and drive and want for success. I consider myself a well established performer and professional, but playing Sam Wheat in Ghost The Musical is in no way going to be the highlight of my career once I retire, it certainly is at this moment without a doubt and I love it and am very grateful to have this opportunity, but as soon as you start limiting yourself to where you can go, what you can do and who you can be then you're restricting yourself to be able to fully achieve what is possible in this one life that you have on this incredible earth! 

So why shouldn't Kerry Ellis audition for 'The Voice' - she wanted the opportunity to work with the incredible international artists on the panel and invest in a broader audience worldwide, the fact that she chose to do that on a public reality show was very brave and I sincerely commend her for having the balls to go for it and it goes without saying that she sang the bajesus out of the song she performed. 

So Monday morning I woke and awaited the arrival of my best friend from Wales Aimee and her husband who were coming to stay with me and watch me in the show - baring in mind I hadn't spoken for the entire weekend so by the time they arrived I started talking to them and decided my voice was still too weak to get through the show which was disappointing as it meant that they ended up not seeing Ghost (Aimee has already seen it and will come again but her husband probably won't be able to due to work). They went into central London for the day whilst I went to wander around local areas to register with estate agents as I'm wanting to buy a second property. It was amazing sunshine and it did my voice some good to gradually start talking again to the estate agents to try and get some strength back in the old chords.

Monday evening Aimee and her husband came back from central town and we just chilled in front of the T.V and I was silently looking into car insurance online all night (which is boring and dull) as I'm probably going to buy a little run around car to use when I'm house hunting and to get to and from Wales when I need to.

After a good night's sleep I woke on Tuesday determined to head back to work that night and my voice was a little less fragile feeling, so I had a good breakfast before my guests headed back to Wales and I headed to have physio and then a steam before going to work and I'm pleased to say that the show was great. I was absolutely fine again and it felt amazing to be back there with everyone playing that role! I love my job! 

Wednesday, (yesterday) I woke and did some work on my laptop before heading for a doctor's appointment then to the gym before viewing a little car in Central London that I'm gonna buy and then heading to my weekly guitar lesson at work. The show last night was great! 

That brings me to today! I'm heading for physio this morning then a cheeky double show day! BRING IT ON!!!

Thanks for reading as usual.

Have a great week! - That's an order, so do as you're told!!!